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to sprain
caminar con muletas
walk with crunches
to put a cast on
guarder cama
to stay in bed
poner gotas
to put drops
poner una inyeccion
to give an injection
poner puntos
to put stiches
poner una venda
to put a bandage
recetar pastillas
to prescribe pills
recetar un jarabe
to prescribe cough syrup
sacar radiografias
to take x-rays
el dedo
the finger
la muneca
el ojo
the eye
el oido
inner ear
el pecho
el tobillo
comer alimentos sanos
to eat healthy foods
evitar los antojitos
to avoid snacks
tener una dieta equilibrada
to have a balance diet
espero que te recuperes pronto
I hope that you will get well soon
Me alegro de que no sea grave
I'm glad that it was not serius
que te mejores
get well!
Siento que te encuentres mal
Im sorry that you are not well.