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what are the regular endings for the AR verbs?
what are the regular endings for the ER and IR verbs
e iste io imos ieron
what are car, gar, and zar
g--gu *only in yo form
what are the completely irregular verbs for ir/ser,
dar, and ver
ir/ser: fui fuiste fue fuimos fueron.
dar:di diste dio dimos dieron
ver:vi viste vio vimos vieron
what are the stem changers?
o-ue-e; dormir
e-ei-i; mentir
e-i-i; pedir
what is the rule for sten changers?
* verbs that change in the present don't change in the past except in stem changer that get a 1 letter change in the el and ellos forms
what are the u,i, and j stems?
u stems:tuv, anduv, estuv, cup, sup
i stems:vin, hic, quio
j stems:traj, dij, conuj
whta is the yo and yeron rule?
verbs whose stems end in a vowel add regular preterite endings change i-y in ellos forms.

* accent all forms but ellos
what are the uir's?
change y-i in el or ellos forms.

atribuir: el atribuyo
ellos atribuyeron
what is the preterite of the yo form of dormir preferir and servir.
ayude means what....
i helped
fuiste means what....
you went
sacamos means what....
we got
trajiste means what....
you brought
huiste means what....
you fled