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cerca (de)
close (to), near
dean loves to be Up close and always near Circa survive
lejos (de)
far (from)
legoland is far from here
to live
to the V's are the door and the I is walkin through and is where he lives
el apartamento
same word, just add a o
el bano
listen to your nano when you are takin a dump in the bathroom
la cocina
it almost has the word cook in it and just the sound sounds like kitchen
el comedor
dining room
Comer means eat and is in the word and you eat in the dining room
el cuarto
COURTey always stays in my ROOM
el despacho
home office
des=work, pacho=now

and you work in the office!
la escalera
stairs, stairway
sounds like escalator and escalator are stairs
el garaje
its the same but instead of a j their is a g
el piso
story, floor
remember this has no hint, the only one with no hint is STORY or FLOOR
la planta baja
ground floor
rubios baja grill is always on ground floor
el primer piso
second floor
if you are concidered "priemer" then you are extremely special and get the second first because you are better than everyone else
la sala
living room
no salsa in the living room! you vill spill on da new carpet!
el segundo piso
third floor
it has the word second but always you remember you have to add one so you its becomes the third floor
el sotano
sotano sounds like tornado, and when theirs a tornado you have to go to the basement for safety
enough, rather
basal we have had enough and rather want a more hunkier guy like nick holmes to do the job
which (ones)
which qails pooed on my car
el dinero
when you buy dinner you need to buy it with this
un momento
a moment
sounds just like it
Que estas haciendo?
what are you doing?
just memorize it
jason likes to recieve beer
if, weather
the other si means yes and its not in this chapter so it can only mean If or weather, just remember that
arreglar el cuatro
to straighten up the room
to make it regular means to make it clean
to help
when a retarted person needs help with something he says..HEY U..DAR!!! dar=help
to cook
kitchen is cocina and you cook in the kitchen
cortar el cesped
to cut the lawn
cortar kinda sounds like cut? so jus try and figure it out by that
dar (yo doy, tu das)
to give
dar backyard is rad..and you give stuff to rad people instead of dorks
dar de comer al perro
to feed the dog
just know that comer means eat and perro means dog..put it all together and figure it out
hacer la cama
to make the bed
know that cama means bed
to wash
when you get lava on your clothes you have to wash it off before you burn and die
lavar el coche
to wash the car
coach was a big dog like a car
lavar los platos
to wash the plates
platos sounds like just put it together
lavar la ropa
to wash the clothes
back in the old days they used to put clothes on a rope line and let them dry
limpiar el bano
to clean the bathroom
when your limp you cant do any other chores but the Bathroom cuz u are on your knees and u can only clean toilets and stuff
pasar la aspiradora
to vacuum
aspiradora has the word pier in it and pier one always is vacuumed and super nice and clean
poner (yo pongo, tu pones)
to put,to place
sean PO cant walk very well so jay puts or places him in the right cool spot
los quehaceres
this word is popping out..jus know it..its what we are talking about this whole chapter..its a powerfull word.. q looks like a g so it stands for GLEN and the H in haceres stands for HOLMES and GLEN HOLMES is the girl who makes us do the chores
quitar el polvo
to dust
pole volting is just a super nice kind of priemer catalion sport and dusting is very primp and proper like that
sacar la basura
to take out the trash
the bas from the lake go in the trash cuz they smell
when something sucks its usually ugly and dirty
when saying a command for AR
take off R
example: hablar=habla
when saying a command for ER
take off the R
example: Leer=Lee
When saying a comand for IR
Take off IR and just add E
example: Escribir: escribe
Haz.. to do
the sound u make wen u have to do something u dont wanna do like a chore
Poner put
to say that you are doing something right now for AR
stem - ando
example: LAVAR: lavando
to say that you are doing something right now for ER
stem - iendo
example: COMER: comiendo
to say that you are doing something right now for IR
stem - iendo
example: ESCRIBIR: escribiendo