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to know
Conocer 1
to know (to be familiar with, to be acquanted with)
The typical use is with names of people or cities, neighborhoods, parks, or other places, books, or writings/works.
Conozco todas las obras de Cervantes
I know all of Cervantes' works.
No conocIamos este barrio. We didn't know (weren't familiar with) this neighborhood.
Conocer 2
to meet
Vas a concoer a gente muy interesante en ese congreso.
-You'll meet very interesting people at that conference.
Conocimos a un senor que tenIa mAs de cien anos.
-We met a man who was over a hundred years old.
Saber 1
to know (to posses info)
sE su nUmero de telEfono. no sabIamos cOmo llegar al centro.
-I know his telephone number. We didn't know how t oget downtown.
Saber 2
to find out
Si sabes algo, llAmame.
-If you find out something, call me.
Supe que mi prima estaba ebarazada.
-I found out tha tmy cousin was pregnant.
Saber 3
to know how to
No sabe nadar.
-He doesn't know how to swim
pedir, preguntar por, hacer una pregunta, buscArselas
to ask
to ask for, to request (someone to do something)
Nos pidiO ayuda.
-He asked us for help.
Le pedI que llegara temprano.
-I asked him to come early
to ask (information)
Me preguntO cOmo me llamaba.
-She asked what my name was.
Nos preguntaron si podIamos ir.
-They asked us if we were able to go.
Preguntar por
ta ask after, to ask (inquire) about
Preguntamos por los pagos.
-We asked about the payments.
?Preguntaste por su bisabuela?
-Did you ask about his great-grandmother?
Hacer una pregunta
to ask a question
El profesor hizo preguntas difIciles.
-The professor asked difficult questions.
to ask for it, to ask for trouble
estAs buscAndotelas, hijo
-You're asking for it, son.
to look (at)
No me mires de esa manera.
-Don't look at me like that.
?quE mira esa gente?
-What are those people looking at?
to see; to watch, look at (television)
No veo nada.
-I can't see anything.
Los chicos estAn viendo televisiOn.
-The kids are watching television.
to look for
Estamos buscando cierto libro.
-We're looking for a certain book.
Todo el mundo te buscaba.
-Everyone was looking for you.
to look, to seem
Parece enfermo
-He looks ill
Esto parece serio.
-This looks serious.
to look like
Olga se parece a su tIa
-Olga looks like her aunt.
No me parezco a mis padres en absoluto.
-I don't look at all like my parents.
to look (a certain age)
Representa su edad.
-He looks his age.
Tiene sesenta anos pero representa menos edad.
-He's sixty but he looks younger.