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he / she drives
therefore, that's why
por eso
he / she tries to impress
trata de impresionar
he /she is more depressed than
está más deprimida que nunca
he /she respects the law
respeta la ley
he / she hurt
se lastima
physical therapy
terapia física
he / she is desperate
está desesperado
let me drive
déjame manejar
he / she begs him/her
le suplica
in order to get better
para mejorar
he /she just
acaba de
slower than
más despacio que
speed limit / top speed
la velocidad máxima
he / she turns on
bad news
mala noticias
he /she learns to drive
aprende a manejar
he /she complains
se queja
it becomes very long
se hace muy largo
seat belt
el cinturón de seguridad
let's go!
he /she waits anxiously
espera con ansiedad
el yeso
it is broken
está roto
it turns out ok / it works out ok
le sale bien
not at all
para nada
he / she approaches, moves close to
se acerca
it is not permitted
no lo permite
day after day
día tras día
as fast as possible
lo más pronto posible
he / she gets depressed
se deprime
he / she falls
se cae
he /she gets, obtains
he /she falls
se tropieza
he /she is missing, is lacking
le falta
he /she becomes crazy
se pone como loco
he /she refuses it
lo niega
he /she is better
está mejor
la señal
stop sign
el alto
he/she crashes, collides
se choca
he / she is excited
está emocionado,a
he / she greets him/her
le saluda
la autopista
he / she realizes
se da cuenta
he / she starts to
empieza a
he / she inserts the key
mete la llave