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Excuse me. (attention)
Pardon me (attention)
How do you say ... ?
?Como se dice ... ?
How do you pronounce ... ?
?Como se pronuncia ... ?
I'm sorry. (for a mistake)
(To a friend.)
Perdon(ame) familiar.
I'm sorry. (for a loss,in sympathy)
Lo siento (mucho)
Excuse me. (to get by someone)
Con permiso.
remember "with permision"
I have a question.
Tengo una pregunta.
(pronounced "tenguna pregunta")
I don't understand. (whats being said)
No entiendo.
I don't understand. (concept)
No comprendo.
come again.
Excuse me. (what did you say)
Please repeat. (To a Teacher)
por favor repita (formal)
I don't know.
No se
Could you pass me a ... ?
?Me pasas ... ?
Could you lend me a ... ?
?Me prestas ...?
May I please be excused?
?Me disculpa, por favor?
Slower, please.
Mas despacio, por favor.
I'm sorry. (For a mistake)
(To a Teacher)
Perdon(eme) formal.
Please repeat. (To a friend)
por favor repite (familiar)
Please repeat. (To a group)
por favor repitan (plural)