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what is the most commonly practiced religon in hispanic america?
Roman Catholic
What sounth american countries are landlocked?
Bolivia, Paraguay
The country with the largest area in central america is ______.
What country shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti?
Dominican Republic
Which Countries have a soastline on the Atlantic ocean?
Colombia, venezuela, Brazil, uraguay, argentina, Panama, costa rica, Puerto rico, Cuba, dominican republic, mexico
What country is actually a U.S. colony?
Puerto Rico
Which country has the longest coastline is Hipanic America?
Name 5 languages other that spanish spoken by many Hispanics in Hispanic America
English, Italian, maya, Quechua, Otomi
Which country was named after it's liberator?
Colombia...Christopher Columbus
Which country recieved its name b/c of its location?
which country actully has two capital cites? what are they?
Bolivia...La Paz and Sucre
Which country is known as the "back bone of South America" becuase the andes mountains run the entire lengh of it?
Which country hsares a border with Mexico?
What is Costa Rica's, El Salbador's. Nicaragua's, and Panama's currency called?
Colon, Colon, , Balboa
Which countries were discovered by Christopher Columbus?
Costa Rica, Honduras, puero Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic
List 7 of the most common export crops in south America
coffe, bananas, sugar, cocoa, soy beans, cotton, grain
What is Mestizo?
Indian and european
What kind of mining is done in venezula?
Iron ore, petrolium
What kind of mining is done in Bolivia?
What kind of mining is done in Chile?
What kind of mining is done in Peru?
Lead, zinc, cppper, oil
What kind of mining is done in Colombia?
Emeralds, oil, coal
What kind of mining is done in Ecuador?
Where is the Galapgaos Islands located?
Pacific west coast of Equador