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con mucho gusto
my pleasure
no hay de que
don't ention it
soy un fanatico de
i'm a fan of
a mi me da igual
it's all the same to me
me da lo mismo
it doesn't matter to me
no me interesa
i'm not interested in it
menos mal
what a relief
es verdad que
it is true that
lo mas importante es
the most important think is
yo si creo que vale la pena
i do think its worth the trouble
lo que me parece bien es
what seems good to me is that
es carisimo
its very expensive
me sorprende que
i am surprised that
no me digas
you don't say
no puede ser
it can't be
santo cielo
good heavens
asi es la vida
that's life
me da mucha pena
i am so sorry
temo que (subj)
i'm afraid that
me enfada que
it makes me angry that