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hablar otro idioma
to speak another language
pensar de una menera directa
to think in a direct (linear) manner
saber dibujar
to know how to draw
saber escribir bien
to know how to write well
saber escuchar
to know how to listen
saber expresarse claramente
to know how to express oneself clearly
saber mandar
to know how to direct others
saber usar una computadora
to know how to usa a computer
ser carismático/a
to be charismatic
ser compasivo/a
to be compassionate
ser compulsivo/a
to be compulsive
ser emprendedor/a
to be enterprising, aggressive
ser físicamente fuerte
to be physically strong
ser hábil para las matemáticas
to be good at math
ser honesto/a
to be honest
ser íntegro/a
to be honorable
ser listo/a
to be clever, smart
ser mayor
to be older
ser organizado
to be organized
ser paciente
to be patient
tener donde gentes
to have a way with people
tener habilidad manual
to have the ability to work with one's hands