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ser gordo(a)
to be fat
ser calvo(a)
to be bald
ser moreno(a)
to be brunette
tener los ojos azules
to have blue eyes
tener ls ojos de color cafe
to have brown eyes
tener los ojos negros
to have black eyes
tener los ojos verdes
to have green eyes
tener el pelo castano
to have chestnut hair
tener el pelo negro
to have black hair
tener el pelo rojizo
reddish hair
tener el pelo rubio
to have blond hair
tener el pelo corto
to have short hair
tener el pelo largo
to have long hair
tener el pelo liso
to have straight hair
tener el pelo ondulado
to have wavy hair
tener el pelo rizado
to have curly hair
tener unas senas personales
to have distinguishing features
tener barba
to have a beard
tener bigote
to have a moustache
tener una cicatriz
to have a scar
tener un lunar
to have a beauty mark
tener pecas
to have freckles
to dance
charlar con amigos(as)
to chat with friends
contar(ue) chistes
to tell jokes
dar un paseo
to take a walk
escribir cartas
to write letters
hacer crucigramas
to solve crossword puzzles
hacer ejercicios
to exercise
ir a bailar
to go dancing
ir a un concierto
to go to a concert
ir de compras
to go shopping
jugar(ue) al futbol
to play soccer
jugar al golf
to play golf
jugar al tenis
to play tenis