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Name the 6 quality levels of spanish wine
Vino de la mesa (VDM)
Vino de la tierra (VDLT)
Vinos de Calidad con Indicacion Geografica (VICG)
Denominacion de Origen (DO)
Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOCa)
DO Pagos
Describe the three* DOCa regions
There are actually 2 at this time:
1. Priorat
2. Rioja
Ribero del Duero turned down DOCa status
Define Grandes Pagos and DO Pagos
Grandes Pagos is not affiliated with the DO status. It is a group of winemakers, independently promoting single estate vineyards.
DO Pagos is the highest quality level of Spanish wine; comparable to "cru" in France.
*Pagos means farm or land
Name two red grapes of Rioja and Navarra
Tempranillo and Garnacha

also: cabernet sauvignon & mencia
Name two white grapes of Rioja and Navarra
Viura (macabeo) and Malvasia

also: Airen, chard, verdejo and albarino
name the three sub zones of Rioja
Rioja Alta - most important
Rioja Alavesa
Rioja Baja
State the aging requirements for Red Rioja, Rioja Reserva and Rioja Gran Reserva
Rioja = 2 years; 1 in barrel
Rioja Reserva = 3 years; 1 in barrel
Rioja Gran Reserva = 5 years; 2 in barrel
Name the most important grape(s) of Priorat

also: cariena, cabernet, syrah
Describe the Gratallops Project
Alvaro Palacio and other winemakers went to Bordeaux (Petrus) and came back to Priorat and revolutionized winemaking. Turned Spain's winemaking around within a 10 year timespan.
Name Spain's sparkling wine DO and the grapes
DO: Cava
Grapes: Parellada, Xarel-lo, Macabo (viura), chardonnay
Name the most important grape(s) of Ribera del Duero
Tempranillo, Garnacha and some bordeaux varietals
Name the grape of Tinto de Toro
State the DO of Vega Sicilia
Ribera del Duero
Name the most important grape(s) of Rias Baixes
State the region and style of Txakoli
Region: Cantabria (in basque)
Style: light, acidic, red and white wines
Name the principal town of Sherry
Jerez --- main
also: Sanlucar and Puerto de Santa Maria
State the character of Albariza Soil
white, chalky, lime-rich

(top hardens when it rains trapping moisture for "Palomino" to drink for the rest of the season
Name the grapes of Sherry
Grape: Palomino (90%)

also: PX - given a passito like process
Describe the Solera system
"fractional blending" casks of old wine in one Criadera is periodically refreshed w/ younger wine from casks in its Criadera to give consistency among vintages/vineyards
Name the main styles of Sherries
Flor/non flor
Fino/non fino
define Flor
Flor is a yeast that covers the grape/wine must inhibiting/preventing oxidation
Name the most important grape(s) of Vinho Verde
Grape: Alvarhino

also: trajadura, loureido ...all white, no red
Name the most important grape of Douro
Tinto Roriz (tempranillo) a red grape
Name 3 important port grapes
Touriga Nactional, tinta roriz (tempranillo), touriga francesa, tinta cao, tinta baraco
name the cities where port has historically been aged
Oporto and Villa Nova de Gaia
Describe the difference between Vintage and Tawny Port
vintage port is aged in bottle
tawny port is aged in cask/barrel
State what is used to fortify port
a neutral grape spirit called Aguardente
Define Lagar
A traditional Lagar is a granite trough used to physically "stomp" grapes
Now some port makers use robotic lagar
name the 4 most important grapes of madeira
Describe the Estufagm process
The process by which the (madeira) fermenting temperature is elevated to 120 degrees F for 6 - 12 months
Define "rainwater" Madeira
A soft Verdelho like wine created in 18th century.
Now replicated to mirror what happened by accident.