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What’s the smallest Planet?
What’s the star formation called that looks like a big spoon?
The big dipper
What’s the second closes planet from the sun?
The closest planets to the sun are mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars they are also know as?
Terrestrial planets.
Planets further from the sun are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus which are also known as?
Gas Giants.
What is a Comet?
A comet is a chunk of frozen ice and dust that travels in a very long orbit around the sun.
What is a Galaxy?
A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust and hundreds of billions of stars.
What are the three types of galaxies?
The three types of galaxies are elliptical, irregular galaxy and the Pleiades galaxy.
Stars that are close together and that travel together are called?
Star Clusters
How hot is the core of the sun?
15 million degrees Celsius.