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Hello. How is it going?
Hola. Cómo andan?
How are things?
?Qué tal?
How are you?
?Cómo estas/n?
What's new?
Qué hay de nuevo?
How is it going?
Cómo te va?
Let me introduce you to Joze.
Le (Te) presento a Joze.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Anthony.
Permítame que me presente. Yo soy Anthony.
Nice to meet you.
Mucho gusto.
Delighted to meet you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Es un placer.
It is an object use for school
Es una objecto que se usa para escuela.
It is a thing that serves to wash cars.
Es una cosa que sirve para que lave coches.
It is a person that is very smart.
Es una persna que es muy listo.
Et is a place where I study.
Es un lugar donde estudio.
It is an activity that I enjoy.
Es una actividad que gozo.
It is like a first kiss.
Es (está) como un primer beso
It looks like money.
Se parece a dinero.
It sounds like music.
Suena como música.
It is a drink/food that I enjoy.
Es una bebida/ un alimento que gozo.
It is an animal that is very dangerous.
Es una palabra que se usa cuando peligroso.
It is a word that is used when we are in church.
Es una palabra que se usa cuando estamos en la iglesia.
It means that you are charged more.
Significa que usted es cargado más.