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What are Monsoons
Season changes in the direction of wind. The winter winds blow from the north and north-east and are dry. As the temperature rises the heated air also rises and the direction of the wind changes. Moist air from the ocean (south and south-west) replaces the rising air over the land.
How many varieties of gemstones is
Sri Lanka known for?
At least 40 varieties.
What is the population density on the Indo-Gangetic Plain?
Aproximately 1000 people per square miles.
What city is the capital city of Pakistan?
What city is the capital city of Bhutan?
Name the two mountain ranges that join with the Himalayas to form a barrier between Asia and the subcontenent of South Asia
Hindu Kush Mountains
Karakoram Mountains
What percentage of the the world's supply of Mica is found within the subcontinent of South Asia?
nine tenths, 9/10
What large body of water lies east of India?
The Bay of Bengal
What season is considered the dry season in the South Asian subcontinent.
Winter (October - May)
What city is the capital of Sri Lanka?
Where are the Tropical climates of the South Asian subcontinent located?
Along the western coast of India near the Ganges Delta and also in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka. Topical Savanna climate regions surround the steppe regions, between the Ghats, and the remainder of Sri Lanka.
What is the highest peak within the Himalayan Mountain Range?
Mount Everest
Which season receives the heaviest rainfall on the South Asian Subcontinent?
Summer (June - September)
List South Asia's natural resources
Rich soil, rivers, waterfalls, fish, some oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, iron ore, mica, graphite, gemstones, and timber.
Which country within the subcontinent of South Asia is the world's largest producer of graphite?
Sri Lanka
Into what sea does the Indus River empty?
The Arabian Sea.
Define cyclone
A storm marked by high winds and heavy rains. Cyclones often cause major disaster by causing rivers to overflow.
Compare the size of the continental USA with the size of the subcontinent of South Asia.
The USA is 1.5 times larger than the South Asian subcontinent.
Why is rich soil an important natural resource for South Asia.
It is used for farming. The subcontenent supports a burgeoning population.
Name three mineral resources of South Asia.
Answers: Iron ore, manganese, ilmenite, mica, copper, gold, graphite, gemstones.
What is refered to as the tableland of South Asia?
The Deccan Plateau
How are the Himalayan Mountains thought to have been formed?
The Himalayan Mountains are
thought to have formed by collision during continental drift?
What is the name of the narrow pass (used for both trade and invasion) through mountains on the border between western Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.
The Khyber Pass
What is an alluvial plain?
A flood plain on which flooding rivers have deposited rich soil. Silt from the rivers is deposited on flood plains when rivers overfow.
How high is Mount Everest?
29,028 feet
What city is the capital city of Maldives?
Which parts of South Asia have a dry climate year-round?
Northwestern India and much of Pakistan.
How long is the Himalayan Mountain range?
1000 miles long
Name the 3 bodies of water bordering the subcontinent of South Asia.
Arabian Sea (west)
Bay of Bengal (east)
Indian Ocean (south)
Name the four climate regions of South Asia
Desert and Steppe
True or False. The Deccan Plateau is densely populated?
In what way are fish an important natural resource for South Asia?
For feeding the large poulation and for export.
What mountain range forms South Asia's Northern border?
What Mountain range separates the people of northern India from southern India creating two very different cultures?
The Vindhya Mountains
How are the waterfalls of Nepal important as a natural resource?
They have the potential
to be harnessed for hydroelectricity.
A triangular section of land at the mouth of a river where alluvial soil is depostied forming multiple diverging outlets is known as.
A Delta
What city if the capital city of Bangladesh?
What type of animal life is commonly found on the plateaus of the Indian peninsula?
Herds of wild elephants are prevalent. Also yaks, cobras, Bengal tigers, and mongooses.
Why is rice the major crop of India?
Monsoon rains provide the precipitation that is necessary for rice.
What city if the capital city of India?
New Delhi
How long is the Khyber Pass?
Aproximately 33 miles (53 km)
What type of plant life is found on the plateaus of the Indian peninsula?
1. Forests of bamboo and teak.
2. Dense rain forests.
How are the rivers of South Asia important as a natural resource?
They provide drinking water for the growing population, transportation, and the opportunity for dam projects to produce hydroelectricity.
Describe the Deccan Plateau.
1. Located between the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats.
2. Flat topped and steep sides.
3. Soil is rich, black, volcanic.
4.Relatively arid - Mountains keep moisture from reaching the plateau.
What season is the Monsoon season on the South Asian subcontinent?
Summer (June through September)
What is the largest continuous alluvial plain in the world?
The Indo-Gangetic Plain
How is Mica used by our society?
It is used in to manufacture electrical equipment.
What are South Asia's 3 great river systems?
Indus River
Bahmaputra River
Ganges River
What are the major reasons for higher populations in the norther plains of India?
Fertile farmland watered by the 3 great river systems.
India is second largest producer of what crop?
Why are population densities so high in the Indo-Gangetic Plain?
Fertile soils produce substantial crops and support large populations.
What city is the capital city of Nepal?
Name the 7 countries that make up the South Asian subcontinent.
Maldives (islands), Sri Lanka (island)
In what 3 ways is graphite used by our society?
It is a form of carbon used as a solid lubricant, it is also used in pencils, and it is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.
Which three climate regions dominate southern South Asia?
1. tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, and steppe.
Most of the subcontinent of South Asia lies between what two line of latitude?
The equator and 30 degrees north latitude.
The "village pharmacy"?
The neem tree.
Describe the Highland Climate.
The climate in the Highlands of the Asian subcontinent varies with elevation, from snow covered peaks to mild (even warm) temperatures in the the foothills.