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Ven's terrain?
the Andes mountains
it runs on the western side form benezuela to chile
What are the political boundaries of venezuela?
brazil, columbia, and guyana
Ven's river?
What's in Maracaibo?
the discovered lg. amounts of petroleum there
* it's the 5th largest producer of oil in the world
Venezuela is the ___ lgst oil producer.
Who were the first ven settlers and their first president?
spanish settlers
Pres. simon bolivar
Whats ven's form of currency?
What's ven's importance to the world?
OPEC- organization of Petroleum
What are the natural boundaries of venezuela?
caribbean sea, atlantic ocean
What are ven.'s natural resources?
oil, gold, diamonds, natural gas, iron ore
Who discovered ven?
Chris C.
What's ven's chief export?
what's the capital of ven?
What's ven.'s present government like?
a republic, you have executive, legislative and judicial branches
What type of government is venez?
Federal republic
Ven's relationship w/ the US?
we're on good terms
What was venez's past government like?
former dictatorship and military government