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What is Argentina's most planted grape?
What is Torrontes?
highly aromatic crossing of Criolla Chica x Muscat of Alexandria with three subvarieties, each named for the region in which it is grown: Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Mendocino, and Torrontés Sanjuanino
Which of the 3 Torrontes has the best quality?
Torrontes Riojano
What are the 5 DOs of Chile?
Atacama, Coquimbo, Aconcagua, the Valle Central (Central Valley), and Sur (the Southern Regions)
What did Chile's Wine Law establish?
vintage, varietal, and denomination of origin must, if listed on the bottle, comprise a minimum 75% of the blend; Only permitted varietals may be used, and hybrid grapes are forbidden; 11.5% min alcohol
Which wine placed ahead of both Château Lafite and Château Margaux in the 2004 Berlin Tasting—a milestone for the Chilean wine industry likened to the famous 1976 Judgment of Paris.
Errázuriz’s “Seña” in the commune of Panquehue in the Aconcaguan DO
What are the sub-regions of Chile's Central Valley?
Maipo Valley, Rapel Valley, Curicó, and Maule Valley
Who produces “Almaviva”?
Joint project by Baron Phillipe de Rothschild (Mouton Rothschild) and Concha y Toro
Where are Casa Lapostolle’s “Clos Apalta” and Viña Montes “Alpha M”, two of Chile’s iconic Bordeaux-style blends produced?
Apalta in eastern Colchagua in the Rapel Valley
Itata, Bío Bío, and the southernmost Malleco are in which Chilean DO?
Southern Regions DO
What is Argentina's ranking in production globally?
What is Zonda?
a fierce, dusty, hot afternoon wind in Argentina that blows down from the mountains in the late spring and early summer, sometimes adversely affecting flowering.
What are the most important red grapes in Argentina?
Malbec, Bonarda (a variety of Italian origin but distinct from Piedmontese Bonarda), Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and Tempranillo.
What is Argentina's most planted white grape?
Pedro Giménez, a variety unrelated to Spain’s Pedro Ximénez, a blending grape often mainly suitable for bulk wines or grape concentrate.
Mendoza accounts for what percentage of wine production in Argentina?
The winemaking areas of Argentina are divided among which 3 provinces?
northwestern provinces, the central provinces of Cuyo, and the southern provinces of Patagonia.
What is a western subregion of Mendoza and home to the province’s highest vineyards?
Uco Valley
Describe the malbec wines of Mendoza.
brambly black and red mountain fruit tones, rich and robust texture, and sweet floral tones.
Casablanca is a coastal subregion of which DO?
Aconcagua DO
Where is Colchagua?
Rapel Valley
Where is Maipo Valley?
Central Valley DO
What unique grape provides Salta's most distinctive white wines?
Where is Cafayate?
Vale do Vinhedos was the first appellation in Brazil to receive Origin Indication status. T/F
Casa Lapostolle is known for which wine?
Clos Apalta
Concha y Toro is known for which wine?
Don Melcher
Vina Montes is known for which wine?
Purple Angel
What is a synonym for Pais?
Criollas Chica
Where is Limari?
Casablanca is a coastal subregion in which DO?
Aconaguan DO
Where is the Maipo Valley?
Central Valley, Chile
Viña Montes is known for which wine?
Purple Angel
Concho y Toro is known for which wine?
Don Melchor
Casa Lapostolle is known for which wine?
Clos Apalta
Which is a synonym for País?
Criolla Chica
Where is Limari?
Where was the first appellation in Brazil to receive Origin Indication status?
Vale do Vinhedos
What is the northernmost wine region in Chile?