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This country occupies the largest portion of the suitable viticultural land in South America and makes most the wine.
This country is the world's 5th largest wine producing country.

behind the US and ahead of Australia
This is a wedge shaped country lying between the long chain of the Andes Mountains on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.
The climate in Argentina is:
What is Argentina's signature grape:
This grape from argentina produces wines that are deeply colored, often inky black and have corresponding fruit flavors of blackberry and plum.
Argentina Malbec
A white grape from Argentina that produces a light-bodied wine with floral aromas:
Where can you find these wines:
pink Criolla Grande and Cereza
This region in Argentina accounts for more than 70% of the vineyard acreage and is home to almost all of the internationally renowned wineries:
Where is Maipu located?
subregion in Mendoza in Argentina
Where is Lyjan de Cuyo located?
Subregion in Mendoza, Argentina
Where is Valle de Uco (Uco Valley) located?
Subregion in Mendoza Argentina
Where is Tupungato located?
Subregion in Mendoza Argentina
The most widely planted grape in Argentina?
Cereza (pink)
then Malbec
then Criolla Grande
The 2nd most largest region in Argentina. It is noted for sherry and base wines for brandy and vermouth:
San Juan
An area in Argentina despite its position well to the north (close to the equator), is known for Torrentes especially from its subregion Cafayate, Vineyards are found as high as 7,000 above sea level
The area in Argentina is found South of Mendoza in Patagonia, it is a cooler province. It is an up and coming region for white and sparkling wines.
Rio Negro
The 3rd largest region in Argentina:
La Rioja
followed by Rio Negro (4th)
Catamarca (5th)
Salta (6th)
Neuquen (7th)
Argentina's system is modeled after the European Style with a
DOC-Quality wine
IG-Next level of Quality wine
IP-for table wines:
Only two regions utilize this, they are:
Lujan de Cuyo
San Rafael
both Subregions of Mendoza
The 2nd largest wine producer in South America:
What is South America's largest exporter of wine?
What proportion of Chile's wine is exported?
This country stretches almost 3,000 miles in length, occupying most of South America's Pacific Coast:
Chile's vines around the Central Valley are similar to what other area:
the prime growing areas in CA
The climate in Chile is:
What is the king grape in Chile
Cabernet Sauvignon
What portion of grapes in Chile are dedicated to red grapes:
Cabernet represents what portion of the grapes in chile?
The leading white grapes in Chile are:
Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
A popular red grape brought to Chile from Bordeaux during the 1800s, but it is no longer grown there:
It has rich flavors of mocha, sweet herb, black cherries, and spice
This widely planted variety (2nd) in Chile is a direct descendant of the orginal missionaries cuttings brought with the conquistadors for sacramental wine. It is related to Criolla Grande and CA mission varieties:
What is Sauvignon Vert?
A grape in Chile often mistaken for Sauvignon Blanc, it is a less aromatic cousin.
AKA Sauvignonasse in Friulano, Italy
Chilean wine law places its minimum requirements for origin, variety, and vintage at:
All at 75%
This area in Chile surrounds Santiago, it is the historical heart of the country and its winemaking culture, with some very old vines. The urban sprawl of the capital has pushed much of the wine growing out of this area:
Maipo Valley

don't confuse with Argentina's Maipu Region
This area in Chile comprises the Cachapoal Valley and the Colchagua Valley, it overwhelmingly focuses on red wine:
Rapel Valley
This area in Chile is below the Rapel Valley. It is evenly planted with white and red grapes Most of Chile's Sauvignon Blanc is here:
Curico Valley
This area in Chile is the southern end of the Central Valley, where the valley floor broadens. The plantings are diverse, led by Cabernet Sauvignon and a large portion of the country's Pais:
Maule Valley
Where is the Itata Valley?
Casablanca Valley and San Antonia Valley are locate where?
West of Santiago, Chile in the Aconcagua Viticultural Region
Where is a 1/4 of Chile's Chardonnay grown?
Is the Southern Viticultural Region of Chile Cooler or a warmer?
Cooler with a Maritime influence
What two grapes are dedicated to the Itata Valley and Bio-Bio Valley?
Pais and Moscatel, but they are experimenting with Pinot Noir and Riesling
Where is Itata Valley and Bio-Bio Valley located?
In the Southern Viticultural Region of Chile
This is the largest country in South America and ranks in the top 15 wordwide for wine production:
Uruguay's leading grape variety is: