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slowly in music.
THe second movement of the symphony was played in adagio tempo.
moderate in tempo
The violin passage in the andante section was flawlessly performed.
the playing of the tones of a chord in rapid succession rather than simultaneously.
The sound of the arpeggio simulates the music of a harp
in music, a flordi passage reequiring great skill and spirit in the performer; a brillant performer
Verdi is noted for his stunning bravuras.
the lowest female voice or part, between a soprano and a tenor; a woman having such a voice
The famous singer had a rich and powerful contralto voice.
a gradual increase in the volume or intensity of sound; a music passage played in crescendo
The natives' chants crescendoed to a piercing frenzy.
a typically male singing voice,the result of artificially produced tones in an uppr resiter that go beyond the voice's normal range.
The thief, speaking in falsetoo, was able to convince the maid to open the door.
avery loud passage, sound or tone.
The 1812 OVerture ends with a fortissimo of crashing cymbals, rolling drums and roaring cannons.
a confused or difficult situation; a confused heap or tangle.
Accepting two dates for the same evening placed Nanette in an imbroglio she could not easily resolve.
a figure or design cut beneath the surface of a hard metal or stone; the art of carving in this manner; a gemstone carved in intalio.
The intaaglio desin in jewelry is not as popular as the cameo.
the text of an opera or other dramtic musical work.
The librettos of many popular musicals would be quickly forgotten were it not for the memorable music they are wedded to.
a simultaneous discharge of firearms; a suden outburst of cheers or the like.
The new play received salvos of prasie from the leading critics.
music performed with a crisp, sharp attack to simulate rests between successive tones
From the distance, we heard the staccato beat of rain on a tin roof.
the playing of the tones of a chord in rapid succession rather than simultaneously.
The sound of the arpeggio simulates the music of a harp
blood feud; a prolonged feud marked by bitter hostility.
The vendetta between the McCoys and the Hatfields became a tradition of American mountain folklore.