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Are sound waves longitudinal or transverse?
What are sound waves?
Alternating areas of high and low pressure
What is an echo?
A reflection of a sound off a hard, flat surface
How are sound waves passed?
Through vibrating molecules
What is the frequency range for human hearing?
20 - 20 000 Hz
What sort of frequency gives a higher pitch?
The larger the amplitude, the ... the sound
Equation for speed
Speed = Distance
When measuring speed of sound, how do you know the guns been shot?
The smoke
What effect does reaction time have on your readings?
They can fluctuate and make your readings too high.
What is the speed of sound?
3x10(8) m/s
How do you find the speed on a distance/time graph?
On an oscilloscope, how do you find the time taken for one complete wave?
Crest to crest
The closer the crests on an oscilloscope, the ... the pitch
The larger the amplitude, the ... the sound
On an oscilloscope, what does one division represent?
An amount of time, eg 1ms
In the picture, what do the two dashed lines show compared to the thick line?
Short- Louder
Long- Lower pitch and quieter