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To decree is to:
Order by law
True or False: the Gospel is the story of Christ's life and teachings
What is another word for a lame person?
Where was Jesus born?
True or False: The main part of a letter is called a greeting.
False. It's called the body.
Name the four parts of a letter of invitation.
When taking notes, what should you make sure is dependable?
The Source
What is a noun?
A person, place or thing.
What is an adverb?
The part of speech that modifies a verb. Example: I ran swiftly down the street. "Swiftly" is the adverb because it modifies the verb (which is ran). It describes HOW I ran.
What is an adjective?
The part of speech that describes a noun. Example: The yellow car sped down the street. The adjective is "yellow" because it describes the noun, car.
What is a verb?
The part of speech that describes the action. Example: I ran to the bus stop. "Ran" is the verb....it is the action.
Fill in the blank with its or it's:
The dog ran to ______ doghouse.
Its. With the word "its" you don't need an apostrophe to show possession.
Fill in the blank with girls or girl's:
There was only one _____bike at the park.
girl's. Putting the apostrophe between the l and s denotes there is only one bike belonging to one person. If you put the apostrophe after the s, that makes it plural possessive meaning it belongs to MORE than one girl.
Fill in the blank with boy's or boys':
Many of the ______ papers flew away in the wind.
boys'. Putting the apostrophe after the s denotes more than one boy lost his papers.
FIll in the blank with slower or slowest:
The boy was _______ of the two.
slower. You are comparing two boys.
Fill in the blank with faster or fastest:
The red car was the ______ car in the race.
Fastest. You are comparing many cars.
When the word "help" is used as a noun, how do you change it to an adjective?
By adding the suffix "ful"

It then becomes "helpful"