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What is the formula for specific heat capacity?
c = Q/m#T
Q is the symbol for ______ in joules.
What is the formula for heat of fusion/vaporization?
Q = m#Hfus
What is the formula for density?
d = mv
Deforestation provides the ecosystem with higher levels of _______ ___________.
carbon dioxide
The source of energy most basic to the survival of life on earth is ________.
After a hard workout, one often sweats. Within a few minutes however, the body begins to cool down and the individual may feel cold. The sensation of coldness is caused by _________________.
Hail is formed as a result of ________ carrying water droplets into freezing conditions.
If a forecast calls for a high pressure system, then atmospheric conditions would probably result in ________ weather and ________ air.
Local television weather forecasts regularly use images from weather satellites in their daily waether reports. The images shown on most stations illustrate ________ _______
across the country.
cloud cover