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Endometrial polyps are a cause of bleeding in:
Occasionaly have a:
Seen as:
perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
Long stalk
Discrete mass in the endometrial cavity (difficult to see)
Endometritis is:
an infection of the uterine lining
Postpartum or w/ PID
The postpartum endometrium appears:
irregular w/ or w/out fluids
Gas bubbles definitive diagnosis
Endometrial carcinoma is assoc. w/:
Anovulatory cycles (pre-menopausal women)
Dysfunction uterine bleeding (menopause)
Estrogen replacement therapy
Endometrial carcinoma sonographically:
Women who are usually biopsied:
Possible invasion of the:
thick endometrium
postmenopausal w/ endometrial measurement greater than 5mm
A nabothian cyst is a:
Assoc. w/:
Mult. cysts may be due to:
retention cyst
Variable in size (mm-cm)
Single or multiple
Chronic cervicitis
Benign cervical enlargment
Cervical carcinoma is usually diagnosed:
Adv. stage at diagnosis may lead to:
Assoc. w/:
STD's, HPV, hereditary
Cerical carcinoma sonographically:
solid, retrovesical mass
indistinguishable from cervical fibroid
Gartners duct cyst is:
mesonephric duct remnants form cysts along the lateral vaginal wall
Imperforate hymen is the:
Results in:
MC congenital abnormality
Neurofibroma is a:
solid vaginal mass
Very rare
The space of Retzius is between the:
bladder and pubic bone
The Pouch of Douglas is the initial site for:
Fluid caused by:
Fluid assoc. w/:
interperitoneal fluid collections
Menstruation blood, tumors, follicular rupture
Ascites, ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhagic cyst, PID pus
A follicular cyst is a:
Caused when a:
simple cyst on or w/in the ovary
Mature follicle fails to ovulate or involute, fluid in an un-ovulated follicle isn't reabsorbed
Follicular cyst sonographically:
anechoic, smooth walls, enhancement
Unilateral, asymptomatic
Corpus luteal cyst max size is reached:
usually resolved by the:
8-10 wks of pregnancy
16th week
usually unilocular, large, symtpomatic
Corpus luteal cysts result from:
They are prone to:
Absorbption failure
Excess bleeding in corpus luteum
Hemorrhage and rupture
Theca-luteal cysts are the:
Assoc. w/:
Prone to:
largest functional cysts
high hCG, overstiumlation, gestational trophoblastic disease
Bilateral, multilocular, large
Hemorrhage, rupture, torsion
Polycystic ovarian disease is a:
Imbalance of:
It can NOT be:
complex, systemic endocrine disorder
LH and FSH (chronic anovulation)
Polycystic ovarian disease sonographically:
Bilateral enlarged ovaries
Mult. small follicles
.5-.8cm w/ more than 5 in each ovary
Stein-Leventhal syndrome is a form of:
Presented w/:
polycystic ovarian disease
Oligomenorrhea, hirsutism, obesity
Endometriosis is:
Can occur anywhere, but commonly effects the:
functional endometrial tissue outside the uterus
Ovary, fallopian tubes, broad ligament, pouch of D
Diffuse endometriosis is:
Consists of:
In the:
more common
Tiny endometrial implants
Pelvic viscera and ligaments
dysmenorrhea, dysparenuria, infertility
Localized endometriosis is a:
discrete mass
chocolate or hemorrhagic cyst
Asymptomatic, can be multiple