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What does Australia use to classify her wines?
Geographic Indication (GI)
State the main red grapes of Australia.
-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Noir
State the main white grapes of Australia.
-Sauvignon Blanc
State the wine growing zones of Australia.
-Western Australia
-South Australia
-New South Wales
-Southeastern Australia
State the regions of South Australia.
-Far North
-Limestone Coast
-Lower Murray
-Mount Lofty Ranges
-The Peninsulas
State the regions of Victoria.
-Central Victoria
-Northeast Victoria
-Alpine Valleys
-King Valley
-North West Victoria
-Port Phillip
State the regions of New South Wales.
-Big Rivers
-Central Ranges
-Hunter Valley
-Northern Rivers
-Northern Slopes
-South Coast
-Southern New South Wales
State the regions of Queensland.
-Granite Belt
-South Bernett
State the regions of Western Australia.
-Central Western Australia
-Eastern Plains
-Inland Western Australia
-North of Western Australia
-Greater Perth
State the regions of South West Australia.
-Blackwood Valley
-Great Southern
-Margaret River
-West Australia South East Central
Which region was created by conglomerates to allow blending between multiple areas?
Southeastern Australia
Southeastern Australia contains parts of which other regions?
-New South Wales
True or False: Syrah is the same as Shiraz?
True. They are the same grape with different names.
State the regions of the North Island.
-Waikato / Bay of Plenty
-Gisbourne / Poverty Bay
-Hawkes Bay
-Wairarapa / Wellington / Martinborough
State the regions of the South Island.
-Central Otago
State the most southern region of the world.
Central Otago