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What is the HTF?
an organization which promotes training within the hotel & catering industry.
What is a Hawthorn strainer used for?
in conjuction with a mixing glass
Nitrogen & CO2 are fed into casks of traditional cask-conditioned beer to do what?
Prevent spoiling bacteria contacting the beer.
What is a coaster used for?
To place wine btls in on the table.
What is a "muddler" used for?
Stirring drinks
What is a "shive"
A round piece of hard wood or plastic used as a bung in the top of a cask.
What is the correct way to remove a smear on a glass?
Hold it over steaming H2O, polish with a dry cloth.
What is the best temperature for a beer cellar to be kept at?
55 degrees F
What is ullage?
Any out-of-condition wine which has to be returned to the supplier.
Where would you find a bursting disk?
On top of a gas cylinder (beer related)
How much does a "kilderkin" of beer hold?
18 Gallons
What is the main use of a wine cradle?
To carry a btl of wine containing sediment to the point for decanting.
How often should beer lines be cleaned?
Once a week
Why are vines grafted?
To counteract phylloxera
What is the main grape used in Hermitage?
Where does tannin come from?
Grape skins
What is marc brandy?
The liquor obtained from fermenting the skins & pips left after pressing grapes
What alcohol is found in wine?
"Pelure d'oignon" is used to describe what?
Where is bitterness tasted?
back of tongue
Which of the following AC's is considered the best?
a: Bordeaux Superieur
b: Haut-Medoc
c: Medoc
d: Paulliac
d: Paulliac
What is an Anbauegiet?
A wine growing area for Qualitatswein
Define Spatlese
WIne made from late-gathered grapes
Many sweet liqueuer white wines are produced from the

b: Sylvaner
c: Muscadet
d: Muscat
d: Muscat
What happen if the grape pips are crushed in the vinification process?
The wine will have a bitter taste
What is vin de presse?
Wine made from the pressings of red grape skins after they have been removed from the fermenting must.
During the vinifiation process, at what percentage will all the wild yeasts be killed?
What is batonnage?
Stirring the lees
What are the top quality white Burgundies made from?
What is secco?
Which of the following is an EU guarantee of quality?

Why should the best vines have deep roots?
To enable them to withstand extreme weather conditions (drought & extreme frost), also to enable them to extract more trace elements & minerals from the ground.
What are the requirements necessary for the production of alcohol?
Sugar, yeast, warmth
What does fermentation produce besides alcohol?
CO2 gas & sediment
Where does red wine obtain its color from?
Grape skins
Wines produced in the cooler climates usually have a higher __________ content than those grown in warmer climates.
Why is sulphur dioxide gas used at an early stage in the fermentation process?
To prevent the growth of wild yeasts.
What are the most favorable latitudes in the southern hemisphere for wine production?
30-50 degrees SOUTH
What is selection de grains nobles?
A sweet wine from Alsace
Where is Sancerre produced?
Central Vineyards, Loire, France
Which of the following is a sweet wine?

a: Muscadet Sevre et Maine
b: Coteaux de la Loire
c: Bourgeuil
d: Bonnezeau
d: Bonnezeau
Paulliac is __________.

a: commune of Sauternes
b: high quality wine from Pomerol
c: good quality wine from the Cote de Beaune
d: commune of the Medoc
d: commune of the Medoc
What is St. Estephe a commune of?
Best pairing with an apple flan?

a: Meursault
b: Petrus
c: Loupiac
d: Soave
c: Loupiac
What grape is used in Nuits St. George?
Pinot Noir
Mercurey, Givry, Rully are all wine producing communes where?
Cote Chalonnais
What is the main grape used in making Orvietto?
Blanquette de Limoux is famous for what?
Sparkling wines
Where do "bocksbeutels" originate?
Franconia, Germany
What Spanish demarcated region can Cava DO be found?
Where is Vega Sicilia produced?
Ribera del Duero in Spain
What is the name of the most important town in Cava DO?
San Sadurni d'Anoia
Which of the following groups are all Grand Cru burgundies?

a: Clos de Vougeot, Meursault, Clos de Tart
b:Clos de la Roche, Vosne-Romanee, Fixin
c: Charmes-Chambertin, CLos des Lambrays, Bonnes-Mares
d: Richebourg, Le Montrachet, Aloxe-Corton
c: Charmes-Chambertin, Clos des Lambrays, Bonnes-Mares
What produces the CO2 inside a btl of Champagne?
Liqueur de Tirage
What is Coteaux Champenois?
Still white wine from Champagne region
Sherry fermentation is carried out in ___________.
What is a "Venencia"?
A long handled cup used to extract samples from a sherry cask
What is vin doux naturel?
A sweet fortified wine
Describe Manzanilla sherry.
a light colored dry sherry
Where was Dom Perignon the cellar master at?
What is the German term for "slightly sparkling"?
How many years is late-bottled port aged in cask for?
between 4-6 years
What is Irish whiskey made from?
Barley & other grain, distilled three times in a pot still.
How many times is Irish whiskey distilled and in what?
Three times, pot still
What is "bonne chauffe"?
The part of the distillate from which Cognac is finally produced
Fine Champagne is made from grapes grown where?
Petite Champagne & Grand Champagne
Which of the following is NOT an alcohol blanc?

a: Calvados
b: Framboise
c: Mirabelle
d: Poire William
a: Calvados
Where is Angostura bitters made?
Name a Liqueur that has the flavor of caraway.
What is a mash tun used for?
To extract the flavor from the malt (Beer prod)
Where is Apollinaris made and what is it?
Germany, mineral water
Name a French mineral water.
Quinine is an ingredient in _______.

a: Bitter lemon
b: Ginger ale
c: Ruschian
d: Soda water
a: Bitter lemon
What glass do you serve a lager in?
a Pilsner glass
Which drink contains Campari?

a: Americano
b: Bloody Mary
c: Sidecar
d: Pink Lady
a: Americano
A White Lady cocktail contains which?

a: fresh OJ
b: fresh lemon juice
c: a cube of sugar
d: vodka
b: fresh lemon juice
What is the ideal temperature for storing Havana cigars?
Between 15.6-18.3 degrees Celsius
How do you prepare a Corona cigar for smoking?
Cutting the sealed end with a guillotine cutter
What wood is associated with cigars?
Prince Charles is a coffee prepared with _____________.
When a second btl of the same wine is ordered by a party of four, the sommelier should present the btl to the host, then do what?
Provide clean glasses to all guests.

It MAY be ok to supply the host with a clean glass, let host taste, then pour wine.
What do you do if a customer complains that a btl is corked?
Apologize. Check it. Get a new btl.
What causes oxidation of wine?
Contact with air
What causes wine to become "maderized"?
Usually caused by storing wine at a higher temperature
What should you say to a guest who has ordered a wine that is more suitable for the main course?
"Would you like a wine to accompany your first course sir?"
How can you increase the sales of sweet wines?
-By recommending a sweet wine when dessert is ordered
-By putting sweet wines on the dessert cart
-By offering half-btls on the wine list
Why are bin numbers used on wine lists?
-To help the customer with ordering
-To reduce the odds of the incorrect btl being served
Which of these pairing is best?

a: Barolo with grilled Dover Sole
b: Fitou with spaghetti bolognese
c: Californian Chenin Blanc with roast rib of beef
d: Chateauneuf-du-Pape with hors-d'oeuvres
b: Fitou with spaghetti bolognese
Which of these would be served as an apertif?

a: Red Dao
b: Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Auslese
c: Alsace Riesling
d: Amarone
c: Alsace Riesling
Name three wines to pair with grilled king prawns.
Any light dry or off-dry white wines

Ex: Muscadet, Vermentino, Gavi, Sancerre
Suggest three wines to pair with a cheese board.
Red ports, full-bodied red wines, and sometimes heavy sweet wines
What drinks should be offered with coffee service?
Liqueurs, brandies, ports
How do you address a duke?
"Your Grace"
How do you address a bishop?
"My Lord"
What are the grapes used in Cahors AC?
70% Malbec

may add some Merlot & Tannat
What does Pecharmant AC produce?
Average reds, Merlot dominant, similar in style to Bergerac AC (it sits within it)
What is Monbazillac AC known for?
Lower grade, Sauternes knock-offs, semillon based
What is a Cantina Sociale?
A co-op winery
What is a Cascina?
N. Italian term for farm/estate
Define "frizzante".
Semi-sparkling, like petillant
Define "liquoroso".
Usually fortified & sweet, MAY also be a dry wine that is high in alcohol content.
What is a consorzio?
A group of producers who control & promote wine, insisting on higher standards than DOC regulations enforce.
What does cerasuolo mean?
Cherry-red, used to describe vivid colored Rose.
What does Pruduttore all'Origine mean?
Estate bottled
What is a Casa Vinicola?
A commercial winery
What is a Ripasso?
Wine fermented on the lees of a "recioto" wine
Define "Recioto"
Strong, sweet wine made from semi-dried grapes
What does "Stravecchio" mean?
Very old wines aged according to DOC/DOCG rules
What is the main grape used in Corbieres AC?
Where is Rivesaltes AC, and what grapes are used there?
-In center of Languedoc-Rousillon

-Grenache, Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris
Where is Maury AC located and what is made there?
-in Roussillon
-Mostly Grenache based wines, similar to Banyuls
What is the main grape in Madiran AC?
What is the Minervois AC blend?
Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre
Describe wines from Fitou AC.
Dark, reds made from mostly Carignan & Grenache
Where is Bandol AC located?
Do they make white or red in Cassis AC?
Name the five Weinbaugebeite that Tafelwein are sorted into.
1: Rhein-Mosel
2: Bayern
3: Neckar
4: Oberhein
5: Albrechtsburg

What is "Fleuberinigung"?
A method of running vines VERTICALLY on steep slopes, rather than horizontal.
What are the 13 Anbaugiete that exist in the QbA/Qmp classifications?
1. Ahr
2: Hessiche Bergstrasse
3: Mittelrhein
4: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
5: Nahe
6: Rheingau
7: Rheinhessen
8: Pfalz
9: Franken
10: Wurttemberg
11: Baden
12: Saale-Unstru
13: Sachsen
What is a Bereich?
A district in an Anbaugebiet that spans many vineyards but all make wines with similar styles.

Ex: Bereich Bernkastel
Define "grosslage" and name a few examples.
Name for a collection of vineyard sites.

Ex: Rosengarten, Schwartze Katz, Erntebringer
What is "einzellage"?
An individual vineyard, can only be used for QbA/QmP wines
What is an Ernst Gewachs?
Means 1st Growth, dry Rieslings, some chapitalization is allowed but not for Pradikat wines
What is a Grosse Gewach?
Means Great Growth, a Pradikat is added, luscious, sweet wines
Explain Klassifizierte Langenweine.
2nd Category (below Grosse Gewachs & Ernst Gewachs)

-Wines from a classified site, "Terroir-Driven"
What are Gutsweine & Ortsweine?
Estate house wines with a proprietary name and/or designated village/region
What does "Pradikat" mean?
Degree of sweetness
Name the six Pradikats.
1: Kabinett
2: Spatlese
3: Auslese
4: Beerenauslese
5: Trockenbeerenauslese
6: Eiswein
What is Kabinett?
What is Spatlese?
Late-gathered grapes
What is Auslese?
Selected bunches of over-ripe grapes, some are botrysised. Many are dessert wines only.
What is "Edelfaule"?
Noble rot, botrysis
What is Beerenauslese?
Selected edelfauled grapes. ONLY made in good years
What is Trockenbeerenauslese?
Dried-up selected grapes
Are Eiswein wines affected by Edelfaule?
What region is Assmanhausen in?
Where are Schloss Johannisberg and Schloss Vollrads located?
What are the Charta Estates?
50 producers with an aim to further dry/off dry 100% Riesling. Wines that are approved by the blind tasting panel may carry the Charta seal. Pronounced like Carter.
What are the main white grapes grown in the Rheinhessen region?
Muller-Thurgau & Silvaner
Where can Nackenheim, Dienheim, Oppenheim be found?
What is the main grape of the Nahe Region?
Name 2 towns in the Nahe region.
Bad Kreuznach
Schloss Bockelheim
Name the regions of Northwest Italy.
-Valle d'Aosta
What is made in the Fronsac AC?
Fruity, Merlot based reds, with a dash of Cab Franc, similar in style to St. Emilion & Pomerol
What does Blaye AC specialize in?
Ordinary, dry whites
What does Bourg AC specialize in?
Ordinary, Merlot-based reds
Name the districts of Burgundy.
1: Chablis
2: Cotes de Nuits
3: Cotes de Beaune
4: Cote Chalonnaise (Think Mercurey too!)
5: Cote Maconnais
6: Beaujolais
List the classification of Burgundy.
1: Grand Cru
2: Premier Cru
3: AC Vineyard, Commune, District
4: AC Vin de Bourgogne or Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire (both are regional AC)
Name the 7 Grand Cru vineyards of Chablis.
1: Les Vaudesirs
2: Les Clos
3: Les Grenouilles
4: Les Preuses
5: Bougros
6: Les Blanchot
7: Valmur
What is Kimmeridgian soil and where can it be found?
A calcareous soil mixed with clay.
Found in Chablis
How are the AC of Chablis classified?
1: Grand Cru
2: AC Chablis Premier Cru
3: AC Chablis
4: AC Petit Chablis
Describe the flavour profile of a Medoc red wine.
Blackcurrants, cedar, pencil shaving, wet earth
Name the top 6 communes in the Medoc.
1: Paulliac
2: Margaux
3: St. Estephe
4: St. Julien
5: Moulis
6: Listrac
Name the Bordeaux red grapes.
1: Cabernet Sauvignon
2: Merlot
3: Cabernet Franc
4: Petit Verdot
5: Malbec
in some rare cases, Carmenere
Where do the best grapes in the Medoc grow?
Close to the Gironde River, on well-drained, stony soil
What are the top 6 AC of Bordeaux?
1: Medoc
2: Graves
3: Sauternes
4: Barsac
5: Pomerol
6: St. Emilion
What does "abbocato" mean?
Slightly sweet
What is a Fattoria?
A farm
What is a Tenuta?
What does "pastoso" mean?
Medium sweet
What kind of oak is used in making Bordeaux barriques?
Limousin Oak
What is a chai?
Barrel hall
How long is Bordeaux aged before release?
Two years in barrel. Should also be aged in bottle.
What does "Vendange Tardive" mean and where do you see this term?
Late-Harvested dessert wines made in Alsace
Whate grapes are used in making a Vendange Tardive?
1: Riesling
2: Gewurztraminer
3: Muscat
4: Pinot Gris
What is "Klevner de Heiligenstein"?
Alsatian name for savagnin rose grape. Less pungent/spicy than Gewurztraminer.
What is selection de grains nobles?
Alsace dessert wines that are one step past Vendange Tardive wines. Compare to Beerenauslese. Over-ripe grapes attacked by botrysis cinerea
What grapes may be used in making Selection de Grains Nobles?
ONLY Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurtraminer, Riesling
What was Tokay d'Alsace?
No longer in use.
Pinot Gris
What kind of soil do the best Rieslings in Alsace grown on?
Name 2 grapes that AC Alsace Cremant is made from.
Pinot Blanc, Riesling are BEST. Muscat & Pinot Gris are allowed.
What are the Noble grapes in Alsace Grand Cru?
-Pinot Gris
What does "amaro" mean?
Bitter or very dry
What is semi-secco?
Medium sweet
What does "Uvaggio" mean?
A wine blended from different grape varieties.
What does Vigna/Vigneto mean?
What does "Asciutto" mean?
What does frizzantino mean?
VERY lightly sparkling
What is a Vino da Pasto
Ordinary wine
What does "Ramato" mean?
A copper-colored wine made fr Pinot Grigio grapes that are briefly macerated on their skins.
Name some examples of Vin doux Naturel (VDN).
-Muscat de Rivesaltes AC
-Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise AC
-Maury AC
-Muscat de Frontignan AC
What is a Vin Doux Naturel?
-Made by adding neutral grape spirit to feremnting must to arrest the fermentation.
-Raises alcohol level to 15-18% abv retains high sugar content
What is a Vin de Liqueur?
-Made by adding grape spirits to the must BEFORE any fermentation has taken place.
-Very sweet, 16-17% abv
-ALso called Mistelle
Name some examples of Vin de Liqueur (VDL).
-Pineau des Charentes AC
-Vieux Pineau
-Floc de Gascogne AC
-Ratafia de Champagne AC
Explain sour mash whiskey.
Whiskey made by using some of the spent mash from one fermentation to start the next fermentation.
-This process will continue the flavor & style.
Name a sour mash whiskey.
Maker's Mark
What is a Tennessee whiskey?
Sour mash whiskey that is charcoal filtered before aging in barrel.
What is in an Americano?
sweet vermouth
soda water
-serve in highball glass, garnish with orange wedge
What is a Black Velvet?
Equal parts Champagne & Guinness
What is a Buck's Fizz?
Champagne with a splash of OJ. Just like a Mimosa.
What is in a Champagne Cocktail?
A bitters soaked sugar cube is placed at bottom of Champagne flute. Top with Champagne, and a splash of Cognac. Garnish with orange & cherry
What is a Cosmopolitan?
-Cranberry juice
-Dash of Cointreau/Triple Sec
-Fresh lime juice
What is in a Cuba Libre?
White rum, coke, lime juice
What is in a Daiquiri?
White rum, lime juice, & Gomme
What is in a Harvey Wallbanger?
Vodka, OJ, float of Galliano
How do you make a Horse's Neck?
-Place a long lemon twist from bottom to top of a highball glass, fill with ice.
-Add brandy, top with ginger ale.
How do you make a Tom Collins?
-Half fill a highball glass with ice
-Add gin, lemon juice and Gomme syrup
-Top with soda water, and stir
-Garnish with a lemon
What is in a Mai Tai?
White Rum, golden rum, curacao, orgeat, grenadine.
What is in a Manhattan?
Bourbon, vermouth, dash of bitters. NO bitters in a dry Manhattan.
What is in a Negroni?
sweet vermouth
soda water optional
How do you make an Old-Fashioned?
-Bitters-soaked sugar cube, break it up with spoon, add ice, then rye whiskey, little water. Garnish with flag.
How do you make a Pink Gin?
-Swirl a dash of bitters in an empty glass. Add Plymouth Gin, and iced water
How do you make a Pink Lady?
Shake and strain gin, grenadine, and 1 egg white into a martini glass
What is in a Pina Colada?
White rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream (or a dash of Malibu), blended with crushed ice
What is a Pousse-Cafe?
Layered drinks. Syrups, liqueurs, and spirits are poured down a spoon into glass according to weight.
What is in a Rob Roy?
Equal parts of Scotch whiskey, sweet vermouth, plus a dash of bitters. Garnish with cherry. Made in the Pousse-Cafe method
What is in a Rusty Nail?
2/3 Scotch whiskey, 1/3 Drambuie, garnish with lemon twist. Pousse-Cafe method
What is in a Sidecar?
Brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice. Served in martini glass
What are sours?
Shaken cocktails of fruit juice, spirits and a sweetning syrup/liqueur
How do you make a Tequila Sunrise?
Pour tequila & OJ over ice, drizzle grenadine down side of glass. Garnish with flag
What is in a White Lady?
Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice. Shaken, strained into cocktail glass
What are the wine regions of North Island, New Zealand?
-Waikato/Bay of Plenty
-Hawkes Bay
-Wellington (includes Martinborough)
What Island is Gisbourne on?
What Island is Martinborough on?
What Island is Aukland on?
What Island is Hawkes Bay on?
What Island is Waikato/Bay of Plenty on?
What are the wine regions of South Island, New Zealand?
-Waipara Valley
-Central Otago
What Island is Central Otago on?
What Island is Marlborough on?
What island is Nelson on?
What island is Canterbury on?
What is the best known wine of Slovenia?
Lutomer Riesling
Name some wine districts of South Africa.
1: Lutzville Valley
2: Swartland
3: Cape Point
4: Tulbagh
5: Paarl
6: Tygerberg
7: Stellenbosch
8: Worcester
9: Overberg
10: Robertson
11: Swellendam
12: Calitzdorp
13: Douglas
Pinotage is a cross between what two grapes?
Pinot Noir x Cinsault
What is the KWV
Ko-operative Wijnbouwers Verenigining (of Co-operative Winegrowers Association)

-Only in South Africa
What is WO?
Wine of Origin Scheme
Must be 100% from labeled unit (estate, ward, district, or region)
What is the S. African name for Chenin Blanc?
What is Dole?
A Swiss wine made of Pinot Noir and Gamay
What is the flavor profile of Albarino?
Highly aromatic, ripe peach, lemon zest, fresh acidity. AKA Alvarinho
What grape is used to make Fendant?
Name 2 types of American rootstock.
1: Vitis rupestris
2: Vitis riparia
3: Vitis berlandieri
Is AXR1 rootstock immune to phylloxera?
What is Floc de Gascogne?
The Armagnac equivalent to PIneau des Charentes. Year old Armagnac is added to unfermented grape juice from the Armagnac region
What makes a Calypso coffee?
Tia Maria
What makes a Caribbean Coffee?
What makes a DOM or Monks?
What makes a Highland/Gaelic coffee?
Scotch whiskey
What makes a Royal coffee?
Flamed Cognac
What makes a Rudesheimer
Asbach brandy
What makes a Witches coffee?
What is the purpose of serving apertifs?
1: Stimulate the palate
2: To satisfy a thirst
3: To help the guest relax
What are some good apertifs to recommend?
1: Champagne/other dry sparklers
2: Crisp, dry whites
3: Dry sherries
4: Vermouths
5: Cockails (think Martini)
6: Mixed drinks (like a Gin & Tonic)
What is the classification system of Pomerol?
There is none.
What mountain range borders Alsace?
What is an Edelzwicker and where is it found?
Carafe wine, Alsace
Where is Assyrtiko grown?
Originally from Santorini, Greece- now found throughout Greece
Is Roditis red or white?
Name 2 Greek red wines?
Agiorgitko (St. George)
Xynomavro ("Sour Black")
Mavrodaphne ("Black Laurel")
How do you pronounce "Xynomavro"?
How do you pronounce "Agiorgtiko"?
Name the regions of Greece
-Central Greece
-Ionian Islands
In what Greek region is Naoussa found?
In what Greek region is Santorini found?
Aegean Islands
What is the Greek name for table wine?
If you see the letters OPAP on a btl of Greek wine, what does that mean?
It is a fine wine of Greece, and DRY
If you see the letters OPE on a btl of Greek wine, what does that mean?
It is a fine wine of Greece, and SWEET
How many levels of classification does Greece have, and what are they?
2 levels
How are the AVAs determined?
Purely geography.
What AVA do Santa Ynez and Santa Rita Hills belong to (for now)?
Santa Barbara AVA
Where is the Eola-Amity Hills district found?
Willamette Valley
Where is the Wahluke Slope found?
Washington State
On a Barolo btl, the word "Sori" means what?
Favored site
On a btl of Barolo, what does the word "Bricco" mean?
Grapes from the highest part of the slope
What are the grapes in Valpolicella?
What are the grapes in Soave?
What is Bardolino?
Red wine, similar to Valpolicella
What are the grapes in Prosecco?
What was the region of NW Italy that you forgot to include with the others?
What are the major white grapes of Piedmont?
1: Cortese
2: Arneis
3: Chardonnay
4: Moscato
What is the most famous Tuscan DOCG for whites?
Vernacchia d' San Gimignano
What is the best known wine of the Marches region?
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC
What is the grape in Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOC
What region is Vesuvio DOC found in?
What region is Taurasi DOCG found in?
What wines are Apulia best known for?
High alcohol, rustic Primitivo
Where is Ciro DOC found and what is it?
Calabria, white from Greco Bianco
Where is Marsala DOC found?
Where is Orvieto DOC found?
Where is Torgiano DOC found?
Where is Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG found?
Where is Frascati DOC found?
Where is Est!Est!Est! made?
What is an "Ah so"?
A 2-pronged cork extractor
What are the parts of a Havana cigar?
1: The filler
2: The binder/bunch holder
3: The wrapper
What is the most expensive part of a cigar?
The wrapper. Often 2/3 of total cost of cigar.
The letters CCC on a cigar box mean what?
CCC-Claro, a light brown color
The letters CC on a cigar box mean what?
CC-Colorado claro, a little darker brown
The letter C on a cigar box means what?
C-Colorado, darker than CC
What does Maduro mean on a cigar box?
Darker brown than Colorado
What are the dimensions of a Corona cigar?
5 1/2 IN Length, 42 gauge (ring size)
Name 5 Grand Cru villages of Champagne
1: Ambonney
2: Avize
3: Ay-Champagne
4: Beaumont-sur-Vesle
5: Chouilly
6: Cramant
7: Louvois
8: Mailly-Champagne
9: Mesnil-sur-Oger
10: Oger
11: Oiry
12: Puisieulx
13: Sillery
14: Tours-sur-Marne
15: Verzenay
16: Verzy
What are the Grand Crus of Cotes de Nuits, in the commune of Gevrey-Chambertin (7)?
1: Chambertin
2: Chambertin Clos-de-Beze
3: Chapelle-Chambertin
4: Charmes-Chambertin
5: Latricieres-Chambertin
6: Maziz-Chambertin
7: Ruchottes-Chambertin
What are the Grand Cru of the Cotes de Nuits, commune of Morey-St-Denis (5)?
1: Part of Bonnes Mares
2: Clos de la Roche
3: Clos de Tart
4: Clos St-Denis
5: Clos des Lambrays
What are the Grand Crus of the Cotes de Nuits, commune of Chambolle-Musigny (2)?
1: Most of Bonnes Mares
2: Le Musigny
What are the Grand Cru of the Cotes de Nuits, commune of Vougeot (1)?
1: Vougeot
What are the Grand Cru of Cotes de Nuits, commune of Vosne-Romanee (6)?
1: Richebourg
2: La Romanee
3: Romanee-Conti
4: Romanee-St-Vivant
5: La Tache
6: La Grande Rue
What are the Grand Crus of Cotes de Nuits, commune of Flagey-Echezeau (2)?
1: Echezeau
2: Grands Echezeau
Name the Grand Crus of Cotes de Beaune (7).
1: Le Corton
2: Corton-Charlemagne
3: Le Montrachet
4: Chevalier-Montrachet
5: Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet
6: Batard-Montrachet
7: Criots-Batard-Montrachet
What are the two Premiers Grand Crus Classe, Class A, of St. Emilion?
1: Chateau Ausone
2: Chateau Cheval Blanc
What are the Troisiemes crus of the Medoc (14)?
1: Ch. Kirwan
2: Ch. d'Issan
3: Ch. Lagrange
4: Ch. Langoa-Barton
5: Ch. Giscours
6: Ch. Malescot-St-Exupery
7: Ch. Boyd-Cantenac
8: Ch. Cantenac-Brown
9: Ch. Palmer
10: Ch. Lagune
11: Ch. Desmirail
12: Ch. Calon-Segur
13: Ch. Ferriere
14: Ch. Marquis d'Alesme Becker
What are the main districts of Loire?
1: Central Vineyards
2: Touraine
3: Anjou
4: Nantais
What are the sub-districts of the Central Vineyards district, Loire?
1: Pouilly-sur-Loire
2: Sancerre
3: Menetou-Salon
4: Reuilly
5: Quincy
What are the sub-districts of the Touraine district, Loire?
1: Cheverny
2: Vouvray
3: Montlouis
4: Bourgueil
5: Chinon
6: Coteaux du Loir
What are the sub-districts of the Anjou district, Loire region (4)?
1: Anjou
2: Saumur
3: Savennieres
4: Coteaux-du-Layon
What are the sub-districts of the Nantais district, Loire region?
1: Muscadet
2: Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine
3: Muscadet Cotes de Grand Lieu
4: Muscadet des Coteaux de la Loire
5: Coteaux d'Ancenis
What is "maceration pelliculaire"?
Cold-soak fermentation, used to obtain more flavor in whites. Used by many producers in Loire.
Where would you find Tufa sub-soil?
Vouray in the Touraine district
What is a "mistral"?
A very cold, strong wind. Seems to affect the South Rhone often.
Tavel is found in what district?
Cotes du Ventoux AC
Lirac is found in what district?
Cotes du Ventoux AC
What famous sub-district is well-known for their "pudding stones" soil?
What are the wine regions of California (6)?
1: North Coast
2: Central Valley
3: Sierra Foothills
4: South Coast
5: Central Coast (North)
6: Central Coast (South)
Name the AVAs in Napa County.
1: Howell Mountain
2: Chiles Valley District
3: Diamond Mountain District
4: Spring Mountain District
5: St. Helena
6: Rutherford
7: Oakville
8: Atlas Peak
9: Stag's Leap District
10: Yountville
11: Mount Veeder
12: Wild Horse Valley
13: Pope Valley
14: Los Carneros
Name some AVAs in Sonoma County.
1: Northern Sonoma
2: Sonoma Coast
3: Rockpile
4: Alexander Valley
5: Knight's Valley
6: Dry Creek Valley
7: Chalk Hill
8: Sonoma County Green Valley
9: Sonoma County
10: Sonoma Mountain
11: Sonoma Coast
12: Carneros
How do you approach the host of the table?
From the front, so they can see you.
What were the best vintages for red Bordeaux in the 90's?
1990, 1995, 1996
What were the best vintages for red Bordeaux in the 2000's?
2000, 2003, 2005
What were the best vintages for red Bordeaux in the 80's?
1982, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989
What were the declared vintages for Champagne in the 90's, which one was classic?
1995-Very good
1999-was declared, not that great
What are the sweet wine communes of the Right Bank?
-Ste. Croix du Mont
Generally, if the word "Cuvee" appears in the name of a bottling of Champagne, what would this indicate?
It is Non-Vintage
Where is the Charmant process used, and what is it for?
Germany & Italy
Making sparkling wines
Where is Cannanau di Sardegna DOC?
What is the grape in Cannanau di Sardegna DOC?
How do you pronouce Quincy & Maury?
Where is Wurzberg?
Franken, Germany
What is the only bereich in Nahe?
What are the 4 types of Madeira, in order of driest to sweetest?
1: Sercial
2: Verdelho
3: Bual
4: Malmsey
What are the grapes used in Madeira production?
1: Sercial
2: Verdelho
3: Bual
4: Malmsey
What grapes is white port made from?
1: Donzelinho
2: Malvasia
3: Rabigato
4: Esgana-cao
What is an estufa?
A heating room, which casks of madeira are placed in
What is vermouth?
An aromatized wine (dry white) fortified with brandy, seasoned with wormwood, extracts of herbs & spices
Name a brand of dry vermouth.
Noilly-Prat, Lillet, Chambery
Where is sweetness on the palate tasted?
Tip of tongue
Where is sourness tasted?
Side of tongue, towards the back
Where is saltiness tasted?
Side of tongue, towards the front
What is "Pigeage"?
Process of punching down the cap (pomace) to drown the aerobic bacteria, and assist the cuvaison process
What is "Remontage"?
The process of pumping the fermenting juice over the cap (pomace) during the cuvaison.
What is "Cuvaison"?
The maceration of the grape skins (pomace) in the fermenting juice during red wine production, to extract color, tannin & other constituents from the skins.
What is "Soutirage" or racking?
The transfer of wine from one container to another leaving the lees behind
Maloactic fermentation converts what?
Harsh malic acid into softer lactic acid and a small amount of CO2
What is it called when cold, wet weather at flowering time cause the non-pollination of some of the blossoms, and therefore causing to the grapes to fall off, or never develop?
What is another name for Tempranillo?
Tinta Roriz, Cencibel
What flavors are associated with Tempranillo?
-Strawberry, raspberry, cherry
What are some flavor traits of Syrah/Shiraz?
Black pepper, raspberry, mulberry, rubber, licorice, chocolate, leather
What does Sangiovese taste of?
Cherry, cherry pits
What does Pinot Noir taste like?
Raspberry, strawberry, red/black cherry
What is another name for Nebbiolo?
What does Nebbiolo taste of?
Rose, prune, chocolate, truffles, hot tar
What does Merlot taste of?
Blackberry, blackcurrant, plum. New World Merlot can also be peppery/minty
Another name for Malbec?
What does Grenache taste of?
Black fruit, violets, pepper
What is the ideal temperature for storing wine?
52-56 Degrees F