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somatization disorder
-chronic syndrome of multiple somatic symptoms that cannot be explained medically
conversion disorder
-loss or change in bodily functioning that cant be explained by any known medical disorder
-must have associated psychological symptoms
pain disorder
-pain that is not fully accounted for by any medical or neurological condition
-excess concern about ones health and disease despite the lack of any physical evidence to support such concerns
body dysmorphic disorder
-strongly held belief that the body is misshapen or defective in some way
factitious disorder
-physical or psychological symptoms that are intentionally produced with sole objective to assume the patient role
-intentionally exaggerating or creating physical or psychological symptoms for an external incentive (like avoiding millitary duty)
how should we treat somatization disorder?
-reduce unnecessary drugs
-inform patient of diagnosis
-acknowledge the reality of the symptoms
-dont give patient sick leave
how should we treat conversion disorder?
-thru medical workup
-psychotherapy and coping skills training
how should we treat pain disorder?
-address rehab instead of pain
-discuss both physcial and emotional aspects of pain
how should we treat hypochondriasis?
-group psychotherapy
-frequent physicals
-reassurance about physical symptoms
how do we treat body dysmorphic disorder?
-treat coexisting anxiety and depression
-serotonin specific antidepressants
how should we treat facititious disorder?
-confrontation (controversial)
-focus on management and not cure
what is an effective mnemonic for diagnosing malingering?
-Withold info deliberately
-Somatic findings change
-Treatment compliance erratic
-External gains