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What is an example of zero administration deployment?
A web application (as opposed to a DNA app)
How does .net solve the problem of dll hell?
1) Side by side dlls
2) supports trickle deployment (just in time replacement of dlls)
What is trickle deployment?
JIT replacement of dlls using a url.
Uses versioning and urls to deploy a release to only one location and have it update elsewhere automatically if you want.
The 4 layers of an n-tier architecture.
1) GUI
2) User Services Layer
3) Business Logic Layer
4) Data Access Layer
What 5 design aspects might make you choose something other than n-tier?
1) Size
2) Concurrent Users
3) Timeline
4) Staff and Skill set
5) Future Requirements
2 benefits of using tiers?
1) More scalable since you can physically separate the components in your application.
2) Logical separation creates more opportunity for reuse
5 functions of BizTalk?
1) Document transport and routing
2) Scalability and manageability of services
3) application integration
4) process automation
5) scalability and manageability of services
Component Object Model Transaction Integrator - a product that simplified transactions between MSFT technologies and the CICS system of the IBM mainframe world.
-It is a proxy layer (or abstraction wrapper) for Host Integration Server
Host Integration Server uses what as it's abstraction wrapper?
Tier vs Layer
Tier typically refers to physical and layer typically refers to logical
How does .Net help a developer create an application that can be easily debugged later when errors occur?
.net provides TRACING and LOGGING classes
WHat is the namespace for tracing?
Breakpoints are typical of what?
These are typical of Tracing!
Where is the call stack stored in .Net?
In System.Exception
How do you control trace levels so that you can fine tune your tracing during development and production?
Through the web.config or throught the registry
What's the difference between the debug class and the trace class?
The debug class only logs in the development version of your app. the TRACE class logs in both development and production.
The ability in .net to watch for any changes in any key files on the users machine.
What class is used for auditing?
Through the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher class
When would you use auditing?
Anytime you see an expressed need to track *what a user does*.
What is WMI?
Is is MSFTs implementation of WBEM (Web Based Enterprise Management) and CIM (Common Information Model)
What namespace makes WMI available?
What patter does WMI use?
A "publish-subscribe" pattern/
What is the purpose of WMI?
To allow the monitoring and control of distributed machines and distributed applications.
What is health monitoring?
The use of WMI to monitor and control a distributed computing environment.
When .Net uses WMI to establish a managed event. This triggers a the "WMI consumer" which posts the info somewhere (db, registry, etc)
What is a good exception handling strategy?
1) Detect
2) Log
3) Notify
A code module that you can use as is or modify as you like.
What is localization?
Separating code from data such that the same code base can support all languages.
What are globalization/internationalization?
The application can handle various global aspects such as fonts, strong manipulation, currency, numbers, dates formats, etc.
What namespace enables globalization?
What namespace supports accessibility?
ShowSounds property?
If true, the app should display visual equivalents for sounds or speech
TO make an accessible solution, what guidelines should the app follow?
1)Standard fonts
2)High Contrast Option
3)Support and document keyboard access to all features
4) Obvious notification of keyboard focus
5) Do not convey info by sound alone
Who are you and how can you prove it?
What rights do you have within the application?
Guarding data as it is transmitted from place to place.
3 authentication schemes
1) Windows - relies on a TRUST relationship between app and server
2) Forms
3) Passport
Where do we specify that the app should impersonate the logged in user?
In web.config or appname.config
What class handles forms authentication?
FormsAuthenticationModule class
How do you allow anonymouse users?
In the web.config file and also in IIS manager
When do you use forms authentication?
In a web application and/or when a windows domain is non-existent
What interface handles windows authentication?
IHttpModule interface handles it
Where do we store the fact that someone has been authenticated?
Web - Session State
Windows - User Services Layer
ACL? what type of authorization does it use? When do you use it?
It uses Resources Based Authorization.
Can be based on user id or group.
Used in a Windows Environment
Role based security and .Net?
Supported by .Net Enterprise Services.
Rather than giving access by the user, we determine the user's role and then give access based on their role.
Good programming of the User Services Layer and disabling things?
Disable buttons, menu items, etc to which the users role does not have access.
Global XML Architecture - An architecture for securing XML Web Services
Only Windows offers encryption capability (T/F)
FALSE! SQLServer offers encryption capabilities as well.
Threat Modeling? What is it?
The process of stepping through your application and looking for weaknesses.
Entity types: Kernel, Associative, and Characteristic?
Kernel - exists on it's own (ie customer)
Associative - used to link multiple kernel entities
Characteristic - provides additional information about a kernel entity (parts for a product entity)
a descriptive element of an entity (size, color)
allows for individual selection of records from an entity
To Break attributes down (as in designing the logical data model)
surrogate key?
when an attribute is added solely for the purpose of being an identifier
when does normalization occur?
In designing the logical data model. Specifically after all of the ATTRIBUTES have been defined.
referential integrity?
when for each foreign key entry there is a corresponding primary key in the referred table
how do you create a primary key?
1. should be numeric if possible
2. should be as short as possible
foreign key?
used to relate one entity to the primary key of another entity for the purpose of creating a dependency...
2. doesn't have to be unique
a foreign key must be unique (T/F)?
FALSE! An fkey need not be unique
4 advantages of using normal forms?
1) no data redundancy
2) index columns
3) smaller entities to reduce contention and table locking
4) query optimization
1st normal form?
an entity attribute must have only one definable piece of data or repeating groups (ie Customer name vs Firstname and lastname)
2nd normal form?
a non-key attribute of an entity must depend on the entire primary key, not just a portion of the key.
3rd normal form?
a non-key field must not depend on another non-key field.
how are many to many relationships implemented?
using 3 entities...the 3rd entity makes the connection using keys from the first 2
What extension does an XML schema document have?
Advantage of XML schemas?
Can provide validation!
what is an element in schemas?
it is the basic unit of an xml schema!
defines the properties of an element.
is a type definition for an element.
it can contain attributes of other elements in it
a type definition for an element. CANNOT contain attributes nor can it contain other elements.