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All soluble
All soluble
Chloride Ions
Most soluble

Insoluble: AgCl, Hg2Cl, PbCl
Bromide Ion
Most soluble

Insoluble: AgBr, Hg2Br, PbBr
Iodide Ion
Most soluble

Insoluble: AgI, Hg2I, PbI
Most soluble

Insoluble: SrSO4, BaSO4, Hg2SO4, PbSO4
Sulfide Ion
Mostly insoluble

Soluble: (NH4)2S, (alkali metal)S, CaS, SrS, BaS
Carbonate Ions
Mostly insoluble

Soluble with NH4+, alkali metals
Phosphate Ions
Mostly insoluble

Soluble with NH4+, alkali metals
Hydroxide Ions
Mostly insoluble

Soluble with NH4+, alkali metals, Ca(OH)2, Sr(OH)2, Ba(OH)2
Which 3 cations are insoluble with Cl-, Br-, and I-?
Ag+, Hg2 2+, Pb 2+
What type of ions are exceptions for both soluble and insoluble ions?
What is an exception that applies to all insoluble ions?
Alkali Metals
How many mostly soluble ions are listed in the Solubility rule table? and what are they?
NO3-, C2H3O2-, Cl-, Br-, I-, SO4 2-
How many insoluble ions are listed in the Solubility rules table, and what are they?
S2-, CO3 2-, PO4 3-, OH-
Ca 2+, Sr 2+ and Ba 2+ are all exceptions for what insoluble ions?
S2-, OH-
NH+ makes what insoluble ions soluble?
S2-, CO3 2-, PO4 3-
Sr 2+ and Ba 2+ are exceptions for what ions?
Soluble: SO4 2-
Insoluble: S2-, OH-
What charge do all cations have that are exceptions in both soluble and insoluble solutions?
1+ or 2+
What do strong acids and solubility rules share in common?
All ions that are strong acids are soluble.
What does a metal carbonate decomposes to?
Metal Oxide + CO2
What does a metal bicarbonate decomposes to?
Metal Carbonate + H2) + CO2
What does a metal sulfite decompose to?
Metal Oxide + Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)
What does a metal chlorate decompose to?
Metal Chloride + O2
What does a metal hydroxide decompose to?
Metal Oxide + H2O
What does an oxyacid decompose to?
Nonmetal + H2O
What does a binary compound decompose to?
Its elements
What does a oxide decompose to?
O2 + element


O2 + lower oxide
What does a hydrate decompose to?
H2O + Anhydrous salt
What is the activity series for Nonmetals?
F > Cl > Br > I > At
What group of elements compose the activity series for nonmetals?
What is the least reactive metal?
What is the most reactive metal?
What is another word for Metathesis reactions?
Combination Reactions
What type of electrolytes are soluble ionic compounds?
Strong electrolytes
What is a homogeneous mixture of 2+ substances?
What are solutions in which water is the dissolving medium called?
Aqueous Solutions