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She ESPECIALLY enjoyed watching him chase his beautiful tail.
Main Entry: es·pe·cial
Pronunciation: is-'pesh-&l
Function: adjective
1 : UNUSUAL, NOTABLE <put especial emphasis on this point>
2 : relating to or unique to a certain person or thing : PARTICULAR <each has its own especial qualities>
- es·pe·cial·ly /-'pesh-(&-)lE/ adverb


Read the PASSAGE below.
Main Entry: pas·sage
Pronunciation: 'pas-ij
Function: noun
a brief portion of writing that will be a topic of discussion or questioning

Missy ran over to her bowl and started eating, purring loudly with PLEASURE.
Main Entry: plea·sure
Pronunciation: 'plezh-&r,
Function: noun
1 : a particular desire or purpose
2 : the feeling that comes when one's wishes are met
3 : a source of delight or joy
ENJOYMENT mean the agreeable feeling that accompanies getting something good or much wanted. PLEASURE suggests an inner satisfaction rather than an open display of feeling

Ting spent the warm summer day DOZING in the sunshine.
Main Entry: doze
Pronunciation: 'dOz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dozed; doz·ing
: to sleep lightly

Ting tried to pretend Missy wasn't there, but it was hard to ignore her.
Main Entry: ig·nore
Pronunciation: ig-'nOr, -'nor
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): ig·nored; ig·nor·ing
1 : to refuse to take notice of
2 : to reject