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When the Earth is seen from outer space, it looks mainly blue. This is because the Earth is covered with...
If the Earth moved farther away from the sun, what would probably happen?
There would be colder weather.
Which would reflect rather than refract light?
magnifying glass, mirror, prism, lens
Which is a conclusion, not an observation? animal has hair, animal is standing, animal has legs, animal is a mammal
animal is a mammal
Which is NOT a consumer?
butterfly, wasp, bullfrog, tree
Which is most likely the mass of a pencil? 10 cm, 17 kg, 17 ml, 10 gm
10 grams
Fossil Fuels are usually found...
below ground
Pollen is produced in the...
ovary, pistil, petal, or stamen?
Which part of a dinosaur is least likely to be found as a fossil? bones, claws, teeth, muscle
Which is the best tool to measure water absorbed by a sponge? thermometer, scale, ruler, graduated cylinder
graduated cylinder
Bikes produce friction. Useful friction is created by...gears, handlebars, spokes, brakes?
The Chesapeake Bay is important to the larger ocean ecosystem because...
it provides spawning grounds, nursery beds, and feeding grounds for many species of ocean creatures.
How is the Earth different from all other planets?
It has a breathable atmosphere
The little black dots on the back of fern leaves are millions of what?
spores, reproductive cells
What type of rock typically may contain fossils? obsidian, pumice, granite, limestone
Which of these can happen when rocks and soil move suddenly? landslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards
Which of these would be used to measure the mass of a marble? scale, microscope, ruler, thermometer
A student wants to show how much the use of gasoline has increased over the last ten years. This would best be displayed how?
line graph
Which part of a bumblebee is most helpful in identifying it as an insect?
number of legs
Which of these is a good conductor of electricity? rubber, glass, metal, newspaper
Which is classified as a vertebrate? sea urchin, star fish, crab, dolphin
Why is photosynthesis important for plants?
It changes sunlight to help plants make food
Sailors long ago would catch the current off the coast of VA. This current would help them get to...
What are these?
lever, wedge, inclinded plane, pulley
simple machines
Electrical energy can be transformed into what?
heat, light, and mechanical energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of...
What is the name of the stationary point on a level?
Susie dropped the entire box of paperclips on the floor. Which rock could she use to pick them up?quartz, limestone, granite, lodestone
What degrees does it have to be for it to snow?
What natural phenomenon is the result of the discharge of static electricity in the air?
Who invented the incandescent light bulb?
Thomas Edison
Last night we had fun roasting marshmellows! This morning, our campfire was ashes! What change occurred?
chemical change
At what temperature does water freeze?
Particles are the farthest apart in a...table, Pepsi, steam, a book
All matter takes up two things...
space and weight
Stairs are what kind of simple machine?
inclined plane
Energy exists in two states...
potential and kinetic
Rub your hands together. What kind created the heat?
The pathway taken by an electric current is called
the circuit
When you flip on the light, you are ________ the electrical circuit.
closing the circuit
It's moving day. Which simple machine would you use to get the boxes from the sidewlak into the back of the truck?
inclined plane
I'm not always seen, but I take up space. I have weight, but know my place. I can be quiet or make a clatter. I'm all around and you call me ________
Two states of _______ are kinetic and potential.