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The key to keeping soil in top quality and from eroding is to keep it covered with .....
mulch or vegetation
The biome with the poorest soil is the...
tropical rainforest
Good, rich topsoil is typically what color?
The top-most horizon consists of
organic matter and detritus
The label given to the top horizon is...
O horizon
Topsoil is found in the ___ horizon
Subsoil lacks....
nutrients and organic matter
Subsoil is found in the ____ horizon.
The ______ zone is found between the topsoil and the subsoil
Parent material can be found in the ____ horizon
Parent material consists of ....
Rotting rocks
The perfect blend of soil is called ....
Loam consists of ___% clay, ___% sand, and ____% silt.
20, 40, 40
The smallest soil particle is ...
The largest soil particle is...
Medium size soil particles are ....
Clay is necessary in soil because of its ability to hold...
water and nutrients
Sand helps give ____ to soil
porosity and drainage capabilty to soil.
The total amount of air and water space in between grains of soil is...
Large particle soil has ____ porosity.
The smaller the soil particle size, the _____ the permeability
The lower the permeability, the ____ the runoff.
Soil that is compacted has ____ porosity and ____ permability
less, less
Soil that is already wet has ___ ability to absorb more water
Igneous rocks are rocks that were once....
Rocks that are made of pieces of other rocks are ....
sedimentary rocks
Rocks that are squished with intense pressure over a long period of time are....
metamorphic rocks
A layer of soil is called a ...
An environmental catastrophe with U.S. soil in the 1930's caused by bad farming practices was called...
the Dust Bowl
When overwatered soil evaporates its water it can build up salts in a process called ....
The richest topsoil can be found in ....
Why is tropical rainforest soil so bad?
Nutrients are locked up in the canopy; Moist, warm climate speeds decomposition and nutrient uptake.
What pH range should good topsoil be?
slightly alkaline ( not acidic)
Desert pavement is caused by...
wind erosion
The s_____ c_____ s_____ was started under FDR to help protect our soil from erosion
soil conservation service
The best kind of fertilizer for good topsoil is....
organic fertilizer (manure, compost)
Inorganic fertilizers require lots of _____ in order to manufacture them.
energy (typically from fossil fuel)
A program where we pay farmers to NOT grow crops so that land can recover is....
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
To minimize erosion a farmer should use ___ - ______ farming in his fields.
no till