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battalion 1 stations
battalion 2 stations
battalion 3 stations
battalion 4 stations
total minimum suppression staffing levels for dept.
total maximum suppression staffing levels for dept.
what apparatus are undermanned to support minimum staffing?
ladders from 4 to 3
4 tardies is the same as one awol. true or false?
true 3 tardies =3 day suspension.
true or false: a minimum of two promoted battalion commanders or promotional list members must be on duty?
if suppression staffing is above minimum, in agency upgrades for captain will take precedence over promotional list captains>
false. list takes priorty.
Lieutenant: promoted floaters will be utilized before ones on the list? true or false
what is the deadline for signing up or removing a sign up code is?
24 hours before the effected shift.
once staffing falls below 123 total upgrading will cease? true or false
true: overtime will be used
what is step one in ot call up plan.
call twenty four hr. sign ups.
what happens if there are no more 24hr shift sign ups available?
the shift will be split into 10 hour shift and 14 hour shift.
ske, skp, are verified types of sick leave that count against your sick leave abuse plan. true or false?
false: they must be documented and signed by physician or appropriate agency.
fire fighters may use a maximum of two 24 hour shifts for emergency due to death in family. True or false
what certain days during the year must a firefighter absolutely bring in a doctors release form if reporting off sick leave.
new years day,
superbowl day (say it isn't so)
Mother's day.
July 4
Dec 24 and 25
Dec 31
while on FMLA leave an employee must contact the supervisor, by phone at least every ____ weeks
a sick leave usage of 67% equates what level of SLMP.(sick leave management plan.
step 1.
a sick leave usage of 50% equates what level of SLMP?
in compliance. no problem
step 2 restrictions of the sick leave management plan include.
1. p30 signed by physician
2. P3 may be denied.
3. may be ineligible for modified light duty from off the job injury.
4.must report off to the ems/staffing commander or deputy chief.
approved administrative leave with pay may not exceed ___ hrs
the first vacation period is from ______ to _______.
april 1 f current year to march 31 of following year (first bid).
paid military leave will be allowed for 528 hours per year. true or false?
true. and more if fire chief approves.