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The basic configuration of Command includes what three levels?
-Strategic Level: Overall direction of the incident.
-Tactical Level: Assings operational objectives.
-Task Level: Specific tasks assigned to companies.
What's the purpose of the Action Plan?
The action plan defines where and when resources will be assigned to the incident to control the situation.
The Strategic Level responsablities include...
-Offensive, Defensive, or Rescue in Progress.
-Determining the appropriate strategy.
-Establish overall incident objectives.
-Setting priorities.
-Develope an incident action plan.
-Obtaining and assigning resources.
-Predicting outcomes and planning.
-Assigning specific objective to tactical level units.
Tactical Level officers are responsible for what?
Specific geographic areas or functions, and supervising assigned personnel.
Which activities are normally accomplished by individual companies or specific personnel?
Task Level.
Define Sectors:
Sectors are tectical level management units that group companies. Sectors represent both geographic and functional operations. ie.. Roof Sector or Interior Sector.
How are sectors assigned in a multi-story incident.
Sectors will normally be indicated by the floor number (Sector 6 indicates the 6th floor). When operating in levels below grade, such as basements, the use of sub Sectors is appropriate.
How are sectors assigned for exterior designations?
Exterior designations are identified by alphabetical letter identifiers. Starting at the front of the building and progressing clock-wise arround the building. Sector A will always indicate the front of the building.
What option does the incident commander have when the number of sectors exceeds the span of control?
An Operations Section Chief can be assigned. The Operations Section is responsible for the Branches or Sectors. Each Branch is responsible for several Sectors and should be assigned a seperate radio channel if available.