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1. Fluid systems (not established by legal or religious provisions, no clear cut boundaries)
2. Class positions are in some part achieved
3.Class is economically based
4.They are large scale and impersonal
wages and salaries earned from paid occupations, plus money earned from investments.
Life Chances
Oppurtunity you have for achieving economic prosperity
Lower Class
Work part time or not at all, around 15%, < $15,000.
Individuals ability to achieve aims or further the interests they hold
Social Mobility
Movement of individuals or groups between different social positions
Social Stratification
Existence of structured inequalities among different groups in society
Surplus Value
Value of workers labor power, left over when employwer has repaid the cost of hiring the worker
"scientific management", involving simple, coorinated operations in industry
Upper Class
> $140,000, 5%, etc.
All assets individual owns, saving and checking account, stocks and bonds,
Working class
Blue/Pink Collar, manual occupations
Process whereby western nations established their rule in parts of the world away from their home territories
Dependency Theories
Marxist theries of economic developement arguing that the poverty of low income countries stems from their exploitation by wealthy countries
Global inequality
Systematic differences in wealth and power that exist between countries
Market-Oriented Theories
assume that the best possible economic consequences will result if individuals are free, unihibited by government restrant
Modernization Theory
low income societies can develope economically only if they give up their traditional ways and adopt modern economic institutions
Black Feminism
concentrates on particular problems facing black women
Gender Socialization
the learning of gender roles with the help of social agency's
Human Capital Theory
argument that individuals make investments in their own human capital, more schooling, training, etc. to get better jobs
Male dominance in society
Radical Feminism
Men are responsible for and benefit from exploitation of women
Social Construction of Gender
reject all biological bases for gender differences
New immigrant groups take over the attitudes and language of the dominant community
Civil Rights Act
1964- idea of institution racism, rodney king, amidou diallo
Actual BEHAVIOR toward another group
process by which people leave a country to settle another
cultural practices and outlooks of a given communty that have emerged historically and tend to set people apart
Movement of people into a country to settle
Institutional Racism
pervades all of society's structures in a systematic manner, health care facilities, police, etc. favor one group or discriminate against certian groups
ethnic groups exist seperatley and participate in economic and political life
opinions or ATTITUDES
Situational Ethnicity
groups hide or flaunt (couldn't think of a better word), their ethnic identity depending on situation, whether it will be helpful or hurtful
Sybolic Ethnicity
Ethnic identity that is retained only for symbolic importance