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A science that seeks to explain the social factors affecting human behavior and the way human behavior affects society.
Expected, approved behavior; norms deliniate the line b/w what or who is considered acceptable and unacceptable.
Informal Norms or Folkways
Usually not written down; they are regulated in everyday life through informal means of social control.
Formal Norms
Formalized rules that are enforced by people in positions of power and are built into social institutions.
Social Institutions
Highly organized systems of norms that function to provide a structure and order to society. The norms of social institutions are formlaized.
violations of norms-disapproved behavior or people.
Social Control
How we respond to violations of norms in ways that show dissapproval or that attempt to stop deviant conduct.
Informal Control
Unoffical; non-authoritative negative responses to deviance. ex: glaring gossiping, ostracizing.
Set of systematic scientific procedures that guide the collection and analysis of data.
Scientific techniques used to gather data.