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achieved status
social position that an individual voluntarily occupies as a result of their effort or choice
condition or situation of normallessness in which society provides little moral and behavioral guidance to individuals
ascribed status
social position that is acquired at birth or inviluntarily acquired later in life
study of common-sense knowledge that people use to understand and organize their daily surroundings and events
dramaturgical analysis
study of everyday social intraction in theatrical terms
master status
status that has exceptional importantance in shaping a person's identity; persons most salient social identity
nonverbal communication
communication with others that employs facial expressions, body movements, and gestures other than speech
presentation of self
manipulation of one's role performance designed to create a particular impression
set of behavioral and attitudinal expectations that accompany a particular status
role conflict
conflict between the roles associated with two or more statuses
role exit
when someone disengages from an important social role
role expectation
society's or a group's expectation of the manner in which a role ought to be performed
role performance
how a person atually behaves and acts in a role, in contrast to how the role is expected to be played
role set
different roles that are attached to a specific status
role strain
tension among the roles linked to a single status
self-fulfilling prophecy
false or inaccurate label, belief, prediction, perception,, or stereotype that evokes behavior, which then makes the originally false belief come true
social construction of reality
process by which people's subjective definitions an interpretations of events shape their perceptions of reality
social interaction
process by which people act and react toward and with other people
social structure
any relatively stable, recurring pattern of relationships that exists within a society
socially defined position that an individual occupies