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A scientific theorpy (p 23)
(B)is a statement about why something occurs of how it occurs
Characteristics of societies include (p36)
(E)a definite physical location, relative self-sufficiency and independence, existence over time.
Reference groups (p 60-62)
(D)are groups that individuals identify with, are the people whose approval counts most with us, must be present to influence a person's behavior
Which of the following statements is/are true (p8)
(A) sociologists study interactions between people, economists study commercial exchanges.
Symbols (p76)
(D) are things that stand for or indicate other things, are important for human communication
Stable exchange partnerships (p78-79)
(D) are of special importance to us, often lead to the forming of attachments
A positive correlation exists when (p80-86)
(E) both factors decline, both factors increase
In determining significance, both ____ and ___ are taken into account (Qrg 9)
(A) number of subjects; size of the correlation
Research by Darley and Latane found (p99)
(B) the larger the group present, the less an individual will feel personal responsibility to act in an emergency.
Elements of systems include (p110-112)
(E) Separate parts of structures, interdependence among parts, equilibrium among the parts.
Which of the following is an "informal sanction"? (p42)
(E) walking to school after missing the bus