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Sociology is considered to be a:
Systematic and objective study of society and social interaction
The Term sociology originated with
Auguste Comte
Which of the following would be of interest to a sociologist?
All of the above (Crime, Marriage, Urban Life)
Which individual viewed society as a continuous conflict and change, particularly between economic classes?
Karl Marx
The term “debunking” refers to the idea that:
Unexpected sociological insights can be revealed
Suicide, a pioneering scientific study in sociology, was the work of:
Emile Durkheim
The ultimate aim of sociology is to:
All of the above (develop a refined body of knowledge, explain social events, predict social events)
Functionalists emphasize:
The way in which each part of a society contributes to the whole so as to maintain stability
The conflict perspective emphasizes the:
Struggle over limited resources, power, prestige
The roots of sociology can be found in the:
Enlightenment Period of European history