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Minority groups are ususally the products of...
Any group in a society that consists of people who are identified by some biological, social, or cultural trait and who are singled out as objects of prejudice and descrimination
Difference between minority and majority group is determined by how much _____ _____ they hold
Social Power
Terms suggested rather than majority and minority
Dominant and Subordinate
2 categories to discriminate by
Culturally - hair, dress
Biologically - skin color, hair texture
Groups with distinctive social and cultural characteristics
Ethnic Groups
Groups with distinctive physical characteristics
Racial Group
Any group that is socially distinguished from other groups, has developed a distinct subculture, and has 'a shared feeling of peoplehood'
Ethnic Group
Group of people who are believed to share certain physical traits and to be genetically distinct
Examples of Ethnic groups:
Examples of Race (There are 10 total):
Native American
African American
What is the dominant majority structure made up of?
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants
What does WASP stand for?
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants
What stimulated the immigration of Mexicans to the United States?
Demand for cheap labor
What even led to Puerto Ricans moving to the US in 1898?
American annexation of Puerto Rico after the Spanish-American War
Where do most Puerto Ricans live?
Where do most Mexican Americans live?
Southwestern states of Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California
Why did Cuban-Americans come to the US
To escape Fidel Castro
Where did most Cuban-Americans reside?
European immigrants who came from countries other than the UK
White Ethnics
What group is most neglected in the US?
Native Americans
Simplified generalization applied to an entire category of people, objects, or situations
The judgment of people, objects, or situations in a stereotypical way
Unfair treatment of people because of the groups or categories of which they are members
Absorption of an incoming group into the dominant society
Occurs when an immigrant group gives up much of its traditional culture
Cultural Assimilation
When memebers of minority group are fully accepted into the schools, business, neighborhoods of dominant group (lengthy process)
Structural Assimilation
Theory that states that all America's ethnic subcultures are believed to have blended to form an entirely new culture
Melting Pot Theory
Biologically merging of an ethnic or racial group with the dominant population
Pattern in which minorities achieve full participation in the dominant society yet retain many of their cultural and social differences
Cultural Pluralism
The 3 patterns of acceptance are
Cultural Pluralism
Process by which the dominant group causes the deaths of large numbers of minority group members
Deliberate and systematic destruction of an entire ethnic or racial group
Forcing of a people out of an area or society
When the US Army forced Cherokees to move from Georgia to Oklahoma...
Trail of Tears
reorganization of a nation in order to make political boundries correspond more closely to ethnic or racial boundries
Seperation of residential areas, institutions, or other facilities on the basis of the ethnic or racial characteristics of the people using them.
What functions does the family perform?
Affection and Companionship
Sexual Regulation
Economic Cooperation
A relatively small domestic group of kin
The family into which a person is born
Family of Orientation
Family that people create when they marry and have children
Family of Procreation
2 generation family group that consists of a couple and their children, usually living apart from their relatives
Nuclear family
Family group that consists of 3 or more generations
Extended family
Husband-wife relationship of family
Conjugal family
Emphesis on the 'blood ties' with various relatives
Consanguine family
Family structure in which most of the authority is held by the oldest male
Patriarchal family
Family structure in which most of authority is in hands of oldest female
Matriarchal Family
Family in which a woman is the central and most important figue
Matrifocal family
Family where hisband and wife share equal authority
Egalitarian family
When a married couple lives in the household/community of the husband's parents
Patrilocal residence
When a married couple lives in the household/community of the wife's parents
Matrilocal residence
When a married couple lives apart from both parents
Neolocal residence
Pattern of marriage between individuals having similar social characteristics
How long does it take for a blended family to develop identity?
3 to 6 years
Most common type of abuse in families is
Sibling abuse
Most common form of religion in Western society
Which of the following is a religion of transcendental idealism?
Shintoism is a form of religion that
Is practived largely in Japan
Glorifies one's ancestors
Makes duty toward one's parents the center of religious feelings
Worship or veneration of an animal as both a god and an ancestor
Religion is important in the lives of believers because it:
Helps people develop sense of identity
Gives meaning to human existance
Helps people during crisis
An established pattern of behavior closely associated with the experience of the sacred
The Protestant Reformation began as a:
Doctrinal dispute among a group of Catholic clergymen
The form of religion based on a new revelation is a
When a religion is the official one in the society, it is called
System of beliefs and practices by which a group of people interprets and responds to what they feel is sacred and supernatural
Belief that cannot be supported or disproved by scientific eveidence
Belief on a god or gods
Religions that do not worship a god but center on a set of moral or ethical values
Trancendental idealism
What is the oldest religion?
What are the 2 most popular religios groups?
Ceremonies marking major transitional events in an individual's life (birth, marriage, death)
Rites of Passage
Consists of all the elements of everyday life that are considered part of the ordinary physical world
Anything set apart from everyday life that is capable of evoking deep respect and awe
An established pattern of behavior closely associated with the experience of the sacred