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Comparison of Native Canadian and French cultures (LANGUAGE):
Each tribe had its own language.
Comparison (NORMS):
Normative for Native Canadians to paddle everyday, sleep together, and share within the community.
Comparison (VALUES):
Strength, Verocity in battle
Comparison (BELIEFS):
*Canadians believed in spirit world (dream world was real world)
*French were christians
*Canadians made their equipment, etc. themselves.
*French had manufactured goods.
How did the Native Canadians view the "Black Robes?"
They were demons, out to destroy their culture.
How did Jesuit missionaries view the Native Canadians?
Savages, needed to be converted to save their souls.
What was the Jesuits perception of their "mission?"
Save the natives by religious conversion.
What was the role of religion in society per functionalism?
Glue/holds us all together.
What was the role of religion in society per the interactionists?
How religion gives people meaning in life.
What was the role of religion in society per conflict theorists?
Religion is used to control the have-nots.
Why did the Jesuits experience difficulty in trying to convert the Native people to catholicism?
They don't want there entire way of life to be destroyed.
What is the relationship between norms/values/religion in a culture?
Religion is there life, there life was there religion.