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What is Sustainable Development?
Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
What is Riccardian Specialization?
Specialization, by developing countries, in producing the products they are strongest in, in order to compete in the global marketplace.
What global trends increase demands on ecosystems?
1) Over 6 billion people in the world (too many people).
2) Rural, urban migration.
3) Increased demands for natural resources (including non-renewable).
What are the 3 pillars of sustainability?
Society, Economics, and Environment.
What is the impact of riccardian specialization on developing nations?
1) Market vulnerability
2) Smaller producers cant compete with larger ones.
3) Environmental damage.
What is environmental justice?
Becomes an issue because the actions of one segment of society can have a detrimental affect on the environment of another segment of society.
What are some examples of environmental INjustice?
1) Dis-amedities
2) Hazardous wastes
3) Corporations move their polluted industries to developing nations.
4) Vehicle ammissions (exhaust) cause respiratory problems.
5) Vehicle ammissions lead to global warming.
What are 2 categories of solutions to these environmental problems?
1) Behavior modification
2) Technological solutions (cars-electric)
Whats the problem with surburbia/transportation?
Urban Sprawl-build out and not up.
Whats the solution to surburbia/transportation?
Increasing urban density, building up instead of out, light rail system.
How does the surburbia/transportation concept constitute a solution?
1) Makes for more efficient use for available land.
2) Act as a catalyst for revitalizing inner cities.
3) Light-rail will reduce pollution.
What are the 3 principle water sources for the Phoenix Metro Area?
1) Surface water- salt rivers
2) Local groundwater
3) Colorado river
What is Phoenix's annual rainfall?
7 inches.
What is the daily water use, per capita?
200 gallons per capita.
What is the expected population growth from 2000-2030?
6-9 billion people-expected to double.
What is the partnership between water and energy?
Hydro-electric power plants-water turned into electricity.
What does the population growth expect us to do now?
Start building adequate infrastructure or build up instead of out.
What do climatologists and water managers predict about the future climate of this region?
A constant state of drought.
What is paper water?
Legislation and judicial rulings which provide water to a designated region.