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temp gathering of ppl who share a common focus of attention and who influence one another
highly emotional crowd that pursues violent or destructive goal
social eruption that is highly emotional violent and undirected
mass behavior?
collective behavior among ppl spread over a wide geographic area
unconfirmed info that ppl spread informally
rumor about ppls prsnl affairs
public opinion?
widespread attitudes about controversial issues
info presented w/ the intention of shaping public opinion
social pattern favored by a large # of ppl
unconventional social pattern that ppl embrace briefly but enthusiasticly
form of collective behavior in which ppl in one place react to a threat w/ irrational, frantic, and self destructive behavior
mass hysteria?
dispered collective behavior in which ppl react to a real or imagined event w/ irrational/frantic fear
disaster types?
natural disasters, technological disasters, and intentional disaster
social mvmt?
activity that encourages social change
relative deprivation?
percieved disadvantage arising from some specific comparison
deprivation theory?
social mvmts seeking change arise among ppl who feel deprived
mass society theory?
argues that socially isolated ppl seek out social mvmts as a way 2 gain a sense of belonging
structural strain theory?
6 factors that encourage dvlpmt of social mvmts:
structural conductivness
structural strain
growth/spread of an explanation
precipitating factors
mobilization 4 action
lack of social control
political economy theory?
social mvmt arise w/in capitalist societies b/c capitalist economic system fails 2 meet needs of majority of ppl
new social mvmts theory?
suggests that recent social mvmtsin postindustrial societies of n america and w europe have a new focus