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system composed of the interactionof all living organisms and their environment
social organization which ppl are closely tied by tradition and kinship
organization in which ppl come together on basis of indv self interest
environmental deficit?
profound long term harm to the natural environmentcaused by humanities influence on short term material influence
global warming?
rise in earths average temp due to an increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere
environmental racism?
pattern by which environmental patterns are greatest 4 poor ppl
ecologically sustainablle culture?
way of life that meets the needs of a present generation w/o threatening environmental legacy of future generations
collective behavior?
activity involving a large # of ppl that is unplanned, often controversial, and sometimes dangerous
localized colectivity?
refers 2 ppl physically close to one another(crowds,riots)
dispersed collectivity?
ppl who influence one another despite being spread over a large area