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the positive things that people intend their action to accomplish are known as
manifest functions
the positive consequence they did not intend
latent funtions
manifest function of education, a process by which schooled pass a society's core values from one generation to the next
cultural transmission
schools also bring about _______ that is they help to mold students into a more cohesive unit.
social integration
determining which people will enter what occupations is another function of education..
gatekeeping is often accomplished by ____, soting students into different educational programs on the basis of their perceived abilities
3 types of gatekeeping?
tracking, credentials, social placement
refers to the unwritten rules of behavior and attirudes, such as obedience to authority and conformity to mainstream norms, that schools teach in addition to the formal curriculum
hidden curriculum
each childs journey through school was determined by the eighth day of kindergarten
Rist Research
became interested in how teacher expectations affect grades. Even though they had the same test scores, girls averaged higher course grades than boys
george farkas
grade inflation in the face of declining of declining standards has been accompanied by... the practice of passing students from one grade to the next even though they have not mastered the basic material
social promotion
taught in an E LA inner city school that was plagued with poverty crim drugs and gangs
ceremonies, or repetitive practices are also symbols that help unite people into a moral community
a unified picture of the world (ex. the Jewish, Chirst and muslim belief that there is only one God)
refers to a sudden awareness of the supernatural or a feeling of coming in contact with God. Some people undergo a mild version such as feeling closer to God when they look at a mountain or listen to a certain piece of music
religious experience
disagreed with the conflict perspective that religion impedes social by encouraging people to focus on the afterlife. ___ saw religions focus on the afterlife as a source of profound social change.
an avowed athest who believed that the existence of God was impossible, set the tone for conflict theorists with his most famous statement on the subject "it is the opium of the people"
Karl Marx
what are the four types of religious groups?
cult sect church and ecclesia
a new or different religion, whose teachings and practices put at odds with the dominant culture and religion
its members feel tension between their views and the prevailing beliefs and values of the broader society.
government and religion work together to try and shape society
a high school graduate who has difficulty with basic reading and math
functional illiterate
according to Durkheim, beliefs and practices that seperate the profane from the sacred and unite its adherents into a moral community.
the sorting of students into different educational programs on the basis of real or perceived abilities