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Person trained to provide mental health counceling
MD trained in family medicine oror an interist; primary care
Condition when a patient has multiple health problems
Allopathic Medicine
Medical training which views treatment as an inactive intervention to counteract the effects of disease
MD trained in psychotherapy and treatment of mental disease
Physician extenders
Providers who practice in areas similar to physicians but do not posesss a doctorate of medicine degree
Osteopathic Medicine
Training which emphasizes musculoskeletal system while stressing diet and environmental factors as factors that might influence a natural resistance
Treat patient with problems of the feet
Provides through hand manipulation of the skeleton
Surplus or shortage of generalists and speacialty MD's
Graduate medical education which is in the form paid on- the- job training
MD who passes a specialty examination and recieved advanced training in a specialty
What are the major distinctions between primary care and specialty care?
Primary care may be distingueshed from specialty care according to the time,focus, and scopeof the services provided
1. Inlinear primary care is first -contact care Specially care when needed follows primary care
2.IS like gatekeeping where the primary care can write referrals for sprcialties they decide how much is needed in controlling costs,utilization,and rational allocation
3.Primary care is longitudal
4.primary care focuses on the person as a whole
5.The difference in scopeis reflected in primary and specialty care providers are trained
WHy is there a geographic maldistribution of the physician labor force in the U.S.?
Physicians are more likely to concentrate in mtroplitan and surburban areas than in rural and inner -city areas because the fomer generally offer greater prospects for high income, professional interactions access to modern facilities and technology, continuing education and professional growth, higher standards of living, and such social amentities as cultural diversity, recreational activities and quality of education for children. Problems contributing are: long working hours, being on call alot,smaller financial rewards, > degree of professional isolation
Why is there an imbalance betwen primary care and specialty care in the U.S.?
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