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Why did the professionalization of medicine start later in the US than in some western European nations?
1. Medical practice was in disarray
2.Medical procedures were primitive
3. An institutional core was missing
4.Demand was unstable
5. Medical education was disorganized
Unspecialized institution mainly serving a general welfarefunctions for the poor and disabled
Fee for service
Billing sperately for each service provide.
Institution where the contagous sick could be quarentined
Cost sifting/ cross subsidization
Shifting costs from one area to another; losses in one area of health care are made up by charging more in another area.
Balanced Billing
Billing the patient for the balanceof a bill not paid by insurance.
Parts A and B of medicare
Organized Medicine
Concerted medical/political activities organized by the AMA (american medical association)
Cultural Authority
General acceptance of and reliance on the judgement of the member of a profession.
Use of a primary care/generalist physician to approve specialty treatments
a payment mechanism where a provider recieves a flat rate to cover a person's medical services over a set period of time.
Means Test
Income based determinationof eligibility.
Medicaid portion of the social security act.
Which factors explain why the demand for the services of a professional physician was inadequate in the pre industrial era? How did scientific medicine and technology change that?
The market for physicians's services was also limited by economic conditions. Most competent physicians were located in more populated communities.
1. travel was too expensive for everyone involved
7 major factors that help it change were:
1. urbanization
2.Science and technology
5.cohesiveness and organization
6. licensing
7.educational reform