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Name the Author:
Invitation to Society
Peter L. Berger
Name the Author:
Sociological Imagination
C. Wright Mills
Name the Author:
Communest Maifesto
Karl Marx
Name the Author:
Emile Durkeim
Name the Author:
Society In America
Harriet Martineau
Name the Author:
The Philadelpia Negro
W.E.B. DuBois
Name the Author:
John Naisbitt
Name the Author:
Future Shock
Alvin Toffler
According to Marx, what was a sociologists major task
to analyze and explain conflict
What is the major force driving social change?
What were the two distinct classes in the Industrial Revolution?
Bourgeosie and proletariat
What did Marx believe to be the reason behind the explosion of technical innovation and the massive increase of goods during the Industrial Revolution?
Define Society
A system of Social Interactions
Explain the word system in the following:
Society is a system of social interactions
Society is a system because it is composed of non-chaotic interactions. That is the people in a socity follow a set of often unspoken rules (social facts)
Define Social interactions
When people take one another into consideration., attach meaning to specific situations, interpert what is being said and respond accordingly.
Give examples of unspoken rules in society.
Answer may vary.
Forming a Line
Classroom Conduct
True or false:
Social facts are imposed from birth.
When is the power of a social fact made known?
When someone resists the social fact or when a person is introduced to a new set of social facts.
True or false: The industrial revolution had no effect on the nature of work. It only affected the ways people interacted with each other.
The industrial revolution completely changed the nature of work and the way people interact.
Define Mechanization
the addition of external sources of power such as oil or steam to hand tools and modes of transportation
According to Durkiem, should you study the immediate circumstances leading to a suicide? Why or Why not?
No. It is futile to study the the immediate circumstances leading to a suicide because there are too manyt causes and too many people commit suicide for different reasons.
True or False:
DuBois defines suicide as a severing of relationships.
False, Durkiem defined suicide as a severing of relationships.
Define Egoistic in relation to suicide
ties attaching the individual to society are weak.
Define Altrustic [suicide]
no individuality, strive to conform
Define Anomic [suicide]
state brought on by dramatic change in economic circumstances
Define fatalistic [suicide]
no hope of change, no chance of release
Who studied the question:
"Why do people pursue goals?
what are the 4 kinds of social actions?
Traditional, affectional, value-rational, instrumental
What is Harriet Martinaeu best known for
Her method of conducting research
W.E.B Dubois dealt with which issue in sociology
Double Consciousness
Define Trend
Direction of Social Change
What are the 5 pure social sciences?
Sociology, Psychology, Economy, Political Science, Anthropology
What does content analysis study?
Electronic printed Media (AKA NEWSPAPER)
Which war serves as the roots to content analysis
Why did Naisbitt choose to study newspapers?
The space in a newspaper is always the same, so in order to add anything something must first be removed. This means that a newspaper will always show only the most current news.
Name the Author:
American Social Change
Theodore Kaplow
Name the current trend in the US

Manufactoring ----> desk jobs
Name the current trend in the US

Industrial society --->
Information Society
Name the current trend in the US
National economy --->
Global economy
Name the current trend in the US
Institutional Health --->
Self Help
Name the current trend in the US

Classrooms --->
Online Classes
Name the current trend in the US

Representative Democracy --->
Participatory Democracy
Name the current trend in the US

Hierarchies --->
Name the current trend in the US

People and Jobs living in the North ---->
People and jobs moving southward