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What is Sociology?
The study of human behavior in society. The scientific way of thinking about society.
Humans. How they act
What is the Sociological Perspective?
The ablity to see the societial patterns that influence indivual and group life.
what we see
Who is C. Wright Mills?
He was the first to write about sociological perspective. In a book called sociological imagination
wrote a book
Explain Sociological Imagination
Mills believed that sociology should be used to reveal how things in the society shapes our lives.
sociological perspective
What is debunking?
the unmasking tendency
refers to looking behind the facades of everyday life
What is Conflict Theory?
Emphasizes the role of coercion and power. a person's or group's ability to exercise influence and control over other's through social class.
forces and power. More resoures= power
What is Functionalism?
breaks down each part of society and determines how it plays a part in the real world.
break down
What is symbolic interaction?
Emphasizes face to face interaction. people give meaning to behavior. People behave based on what they believe.
justify your beliefs
What are the 6 tools of reserach?
1. Particpate Observation
2. Historical Analysis
3. Evaluation Reserach
4. Content Analysis
5. Experiments
6. Surveys
What are the 6 Steps of the reserach process?
1. Devolp a reserach question
2. Create reserach design
3. Data collection
4.Data Analysis
6.General Theory
Is sociology value free? Who believes this?
There is no scientfic research that finds that sociology can be value free.
How did karl marx, max weber, and emile durkhiem play a part in sociolgy?
They shaped and study society.
Explain the Exchange theory?
The behavior of indidvuals is determined by rewards or punishments recieved.
if i do this then...
What is Feminist theory?
Analysis of the role of women and men in society