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The loss of direction felt in a society when social control of individual behavior has become ineffective.(page 10)
Conflict Perspective
A sociological approach that assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing groups.(15)
Dramaturgical approach
A view of social interaction in which people are seen as theatrical performers.(18)
A element or process of a society that may disrupt the social system or reduce its stability.(14)
Feminist view
A sociological approach that views inequity in gender as central to all behavior and organization.(16)
Functionalist Perspective
A sociological approach that emphasizes the way in which parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability.(14)
Ideal type
A constuct or model for eveluating specific cases.(11)
Interactionalist Perspective
A sociological approach that generalizes about everyday forms of social interaction in order to explain society as a whole.(17)
Latent Function
An unconcious or unintended function that may reflect hidden purposes.(14)
Sociological investigation that concentrates on large scale phenomena or entire civilizations.(13)
Manifest function
An open stated and concious function.(14)
Sociological investigation that stresses the study of small groups,often through experimental means.(13)
Natural Science
The study of the physical features of nature and the ways in which they interact and change.(6)
Nonverbal communication
The sending of mesages through the use of gestures,facial expressions,and postures.(17)
The body of knowledge obtained by methods based on systematic observation.(6)
Social Inequity
A condition in which members of society have differing amounts of wealth,prestige,and power.(20)
Social Science
The study of the social features of humans and the ways they interact and change.(6)
Socialogical Imagination
An awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society.(3)
The systematic study of social behavior and human groups.(3)
In sociology,a set of statements that seeks to explain problems,actions,or behavior.(8)
The german word for understanding or insight;used to stress the need for sociologist to take into account the subjective meanings people attach to their actions.(11)
Casual logic
The relationship between a condition or variable and a particular consequence,with one event leading to the other.(31)