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__________ means that only the assets of the corporation are liable to seizure in the case of economic failure or wrongdoing.
Limited liability
In 1960, over 28 percent of all workers were employed in manufacturing jobs. By 2005, this figure
dropped to about 11 percent
Between 1940 and 1990, the proportion of married women in the labor force rose by 10 percentage points per decade, and today, the proportion is about __________ percent
There are four broad categories of employment. Which of the following is NOT one of these
Which group experienced an unemployment increase of 76 percent after 2000
managers and professionals
__________ workers are people who are out of work not because of personal disadvantages but because industries and manufacturers have cut back production and eliminated a large number of jobs
Outstanding installment debt has grown from $29 billion in 1955 to more than __________ billion today
__________ refers to the ever greater economic interdependence of nations
_________ are large corporations (often with many subsidiary corporations) that have their headquarters in one country but pursue business activities and profits in one or more foreign nations.
One effect the emergence of technology has had on business is the growth of
As defined by the federal government, the labor force consists of all people who fit the following EXCEPT
could work if given the opportunity
The text points out that multinationals have created a/an __________ that is made possible by two kinds of technology: high-speed transportation and component production
global factory
Sociologists Stanley Aronowitz and William DiFazio argue that for millions of people in the older Western industrial nations, which are experiencing a combination of high rates of job elimination through automation and extensive exporting of less skilled work to low-wage regions of the world, there will be a
jobless future
capitalist who creates a new business venture is known as a/an
Which of the following is/are identified in the text as drawbacks to a consumer-based economy?
all of the above