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macro/micro sociology
What are 2 ways to view the world in a sociological matter?
Social structure
the typical patterns in a group, consisting of the relationships of people and groups to one another.
Social Structure
Guides our behavior

Overrides personal feelings/desires.
Social class
Social status
What are the major components of social structure?
determines what kind of people we become
Social class
based on income, education, and occupational prestige.
Social status
Position an individual occupies in society or in a social group.
Social status
Several positions at same time (student, employee, sisters, aunts, uncles, mother, father)

Status set (combining all together.
Ascribed status

born into; born with

aunt, race, sex
Acheived status
voluntary, earned

positive or negative
Status symbols
signs to identify status
Master statuses
cuts across other statuses an individual occupies.

ethnicity, sex ...
Status inconsistency
contradiction or mismatch btwn statuses.

this is 2 statuses but they don't go together.
Social statuses
_______ _______ come w/ built in norms/expectations that guide our behavior.
behaviors, obligations, and priviledges attached to a status

occupy a status, play a _____.

_____ lay out what is expected of people.
consists of people who regularly and consistantly interact w/one another

Share similar values, norms, and expectations.
Organization varies
status: well-poorly defined


differing degrees of connections w/other groups.
Involuntary memberships
assigned membership

gender, race, age, family
Voluntary membership
choose to join

clubs, boy scouts, church groups.
Social institutions
The organized means that each society develops to meet its basic needs.

Family, religion, law, politics, economics, education, science, medicine, military...


Mass media is an emerging one
dominant feature of human societies is continual creation of new social institutions (parsons)
Functional perspective
Perform vital function for society

Five function requisites

1. replace members
2. Socialize new members
3. Produce/distribute goods and services
4. Preserve order
5. Provide sense of purpose
Conflict perspective
social institutions do not work harmoniously for the common good.

Power elite
1. replace members
2. Socialize new members
3. Produce/distribute goods and services
4. Preserve order
5. Provide sense of purpose
What are the 5 functional requisites for a functional perspective?
Social cohesion
Mechanical solidarity
Division of labor
Organic solidarity
Gemeinschaft (intamate community)
Gesselschaft (impersonal community)
What holds society together?
Social interaction and symbolic interactionism
Stereotypes in everyday life

Personal space
4 distance zones
Touching and eye contact
Personal space
varies by culture
4 distance zones

1. Intamate distance
2. Personal distance
3. Social distance
4. Public distance
Intamate distance
18 inches apart
Personal distance
18 inches to 4 feet
Social distance
4 ft to 12 ft
Public distance
12 ft +

president & speech
Social life like a drama or stage play

Front stage vs. back stage (goffman)

role conflict
role strain
We tend to become the roles we play

Impression management
Use social setting
Face-saving behavior
What are the impression management steps.
social construction of reality
Symbolic interaction
Thomas theorm
Subjective interpretation
Need macro and micro sociology
The saints and the roughnecks.
Thomas theorem
if people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

"you live in a bubble"
Subjective interpretation
what you think is real, no matter if is real or not, is real to you.